Seems like it took about a year to get here but we made it..Last weeks stint was shite yet again so thank fuck the festive rush is over with, Some odd things went on though..Someone shown me a video he had on his phone of a bloke cutting his own cock??? What type of bloke carries that sort of shit on his phone?? Some twisted fuckers out there i can tell ya!

I bumped into a couple off proper rude cunts unall over the last week..The world owes some folks a living eh? I reckon i must be suffering from twat rage as my tolerance of these people has dropped to zero…

A few answers to questions that were asked of me last week…

1. ” I don’t think i am anyone, I am fully aware of who i am.”

2. ” That may be so sir but if you touch me again i shall be forced to smash your face in.”

3. ” There is no such thing as spare cash.”

4. ” Why do you have someone mutilating his cock on your phone?”

And finally…..  ” What is a flying fuck?”

On the brighter side of life a few holiday brochures have popped through out letter box over the last few days bringing some glimpse of happy times to come..I love the summer me.

Anyroad i am off up the shops for some king eddies…Have a good year you lot..Just go out n grab your future.

6 Responses to “2008”

  1. Cind Says:

    ‘flyin’ fuck’ – that’s Northern for mile high club innit?

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    ‘flying fuck’ is what we must never give mate….

    Happy 08. I think it’s a leap year. Does that mean we get an extra jump? I’ll ask Caz….. 😉

  3. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Hahaha!! Great answers!

    And YOU–I should’ve gotten to talk to you on the phone over NYE too… I had so much fun hearing from Cappy (Sime) and Four Dinners!!! They were having a blast and so were we…

    I was rushing in here to say the same thing about the Flying Fuck as Cind already said… so there u go!

    And I agree, never give one… well I don’t know, that could be sort of fun on the airplane… not since I saw “Snakes on a Plane” though–what a Shit movie!

  4. Skytower Says:

    Happy new year fella!

  5. farmer_dave Says:

    flying fuck! ill get back to you on that lol, but one thing iam hering more from our younger people is DOLLAR MAN? whats that all about

  6. barnze Says:

    Ahh i like the Mile High answer …..Snakes was a shit movie… For an extra jump join a parachute club….
    As for Dollar Man, I ain’t heard that one ….YET!

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