Oh yes they did……

Well well…There’s a thing.

5 Responses to “Oh yes they did……”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Kate is a bit tasty though. Hope she didn’t do owt bad. Be a shame/waste if she ends up in’t nick wi’ nowt but lessies for company.

    I’m a perv….

    I admit I’m at best bewildered by the way they’ve handled it but I can’t get my head around the possibility they are guilty of owt. If you’re guilty you keep a low profile and their’s couldn’t be much higher.

    I’ve a horrible nagging doubt that they’re actually innocent and really trying their best for their missing kid in the only way they can.

    Maybe I’m wrong but what if?

    What if they really are innocent (leaving their kid alone is what thousands of -currently- self rightious people have done in the past – even for a short while)

    Personally I’d be too busy getting arrested for beating up Portugese police if it was me to fart about with movies but we’re all different.

    Do you think they could be innocent? I really really can’t be sure….

  2. John A Thomson Says:

    Not a film I’ll be going to see! This just feels plain wrong.

  3. Stuart Frew Says:

    I’m interested in that term ‘raising awareness’. How much awareness do they think that the public could have about their missing daughter?

    I think the notion of a movie about this story is absolutely crass.

  4. barnze Says:

    @ 4D … It kind of sticks in my craw that a film could be made.. I reckon they did it, just my feeling about it, but they could be innocent in any case i reckon the body dead or alive will not be found and they shall be free to do as they please…

    @ JAT ..Nor me mate!

    @ Stuart .. How aware do we need to be eh? The story should be left to die a quiet death as i for one get pissed off with it day after day..A bit like the lady Di shite the media keep cramming down our gullets everyday.

  5. cappy Says:

    lady di is dead? why didn’t…..etc.

    i concur. guilty as hell. mind, had to rasie a smile at the agent in the states whos touting a lookalike of madeline at $600 an hour. when confronted, she stated “it’s not sick, it’s business”
    only in the states. and is there a day gone by in distant memory that the daily express hasn’t had a pic of di on the front page.
    all this money on an inquest? to tell us what? she’s still dead?
    who really gives a fuck anymore?
    the royal family have a lot of questions to answer, but can anyone actually ever picture them in a court? let it lie!

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