Ahh the days off…

A bit a a bastard this week, well two shifts ok and two proper busy un’s, So i am well glad they are done, Mind you i have been woken up twice this week after a hard shift i flopped into bed just dropping off to sleep when some whelk with a white van decides to rev what sounds like a tank engine to fuck for 10 minutes every morning..For fucks sake get it serviced…. What all that is about i don’t know though someone said it’s something to do with penis size????? I reckon it’s just a pain in the arse..

A nice new piece of razor wire has been mounted on the perimeter fence here at Barnze Towers so if that don’t deter those flea ridden moggies from shitting on my patio they are gunna get some sore paws!

The lovely Mrs B has been busy looking up some holiday destinations on the interweb so i know that the festive season is well behind us now..Bring on the summer!

Anyroad i’m off for a shower now. Have a good one and Stay Safe.

2 Responses to “Ahh the days off…”

  1. cind Says:

    ‘penis size’ n ‘pain in the arse’ – OK so where could this post have gone if you’d carried on? Throw the razor wire in there an’ you’d have one hell of a bleedin’ mess (n I don’t mean the cats)! ;-}

  2. barnze Says:

    Your mind is as sick as mine….OUCH!!!!!!

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