Wales has leaks.

Another stint of days off gone by and you would not believe me if i told ya what went on, I just hope young master B’s nose gets better soon!

The holiday search has brought some news to light for us, the welsh canals have a leak & the jocks charge too much for their boats so we are looking at a cottage down in Somerset. Home of Cider and Cheddar cheese..Now that can’t be a bad place can it?

Anyroad i’m off for a lie down to sleep off my dinner..Have a good one you lot and stay safe.

12 Responses to “Wales has leaks.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Cider with Rosie. Now there’s a good book. Or as some wag once said –

    Inside ‘er Rosie. Now there’s a good fook….

    A cottage in Somerset eh? Sounds the business t’me

  2. farmer_dave Says:

    i went on a camping holiday down in somerset and chedder gorge and had a right old good time, and i couldnt of timed the weather any better as it was a belter of a 3 weeks

  3. cappy Says:

    have you tried the leeds – liverpool canal.
    doesn’t sound as glamourous, but it’s a craker!
    or a cottage over in ireland? round the Arva area is nice, lough gowna, etc…..

  4. cind Says:

    Never been to somerset but western Scotland is absolutely gorgeous – don’t know how much the boats are like but Oban is the business;-}

  5. Aunt Jackie a.k.a. AJ! Says:

    I think my favorite so far is the Greek Isles, ahhh that was a great holiday I took with you and Mrs. B! hahaha 🙂

    Well I was there in spirit!

  6. Skytower Says:

    I could recommend so many places that it would probably fill an entire page. The Isle of Wight is gorgeous (and where I’m hoping to go this summer), but indeed Somerset is a lovely county… can’t beat a bit of Weston-super-Mare.

  7. Stuart Says:

    The great Glen in Scotland is a cracker, mate. Take your point about the prices though.

    Somerset is a great and underrated county I always think. I love it down there. Look out for the rough cider on sale at farm gates for a pittance!

  8. farmer dave Says:

    when i went to cornwall once i went into this pub in a village and there was a notice saying (only 2 pints of real cider for non locals) before the end of the 3rd day of the holiday i was drinking 5 pints in one visit the lanlord was amazed in how well i took the cider but the next morning i was sick as a dog,

  9. cappy Says:

    hello? you left already?

  10. Stuart Says:

    Can anybody explain just how big Wales is?

    Ever noticed how people often refer to things as being ‘the size of Wales’?

  11. barnze Says:

    As a cider drinker (Que the music) i have sampled many a pint of good rough scrumpy and a few bad un’s so no probs with that Dave!

    Inspired by the mention of the Isle of wight Simon so i will get the lovely wife to have a look into it…

    Never been on the leed-liverpool so that’s an option cappy..Mind you i never rated the Beatles….

    I hope you enjoy sharing this years fun in the sun with us AJ..

    4D..I missed cider with rosie on the tele last year..never read the book as beek makes my eyes blur…

    Wales is bigger than a house so i hear so it’s big..i saw a girl as big as a house this week..The factory discussion was on how she kept herself clean..i recall something about a sponge on a stick before i lost my will to live.

  12. Skytower Says:

    The only (slight) downside to the Isle of Wight is the cost of the car ferry – but it is well worthwhile, there really is so much to see, and so many lovely beaches.

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