A short stay in hell.

Well that was a week of shite at the factory i can tell ya. My feet were burning like i don’t know what last night, Mind you i reckon i have worn in my new boots good n proper now.

And what about the fucking weather eh? Rain or what? Good job it weren’t freezing or we would have been under about six foot of snow..

I bumped into some old faces over the last week and i must say it was good to see um.Absence makes the heart grow fonder or summat like that! Anyroad it was good to relive some memories,mind you not all good ones,if your having a drink now raise your glass to absent friends!

The hunt for a holiday destination is still on going so i still have no idea where we will end up but all in, any place with the lovely Mrs B is good for me.. The week in the sun,by the pool with a glass of the local beer will be a late deal so no probs there but as we have a fantastic home land we are hard pushed to make a choice though Skytower has got me thinking about the Isle of wight so i shall have a word with Lovely to see what she thinks..

Anyroad it’s time to give my feet another rub so i’m off..Take care out there and stay safe.

Barnze say’s ” Don’t hastle the prince.” He’s a mate of mine.

13 Responses to “A short stay in hell.”

  1. Stuart Says:

    Ah I can remember that foot-wary feeling from working in a factory environment, B. Work mates always used to blame it on the hard flooring and I reckon there was something in it.

    The way you talk about shifts is also a reminder to me also – I used to count them down – big time!

    Glad you enjoyed yer social anyway mate.


  2. mas Says:

    Hi mate,looking out the kitchen window and the Trent is about to burst it`s banks,another foot or so should do it.Willy in town eh,only 6 security guards,brave lad that one!Hols booked ours mate,got a mansion in Dorset indoor swimming pool ,tennis courts the bollocks £3500 for the week,sounds expensive but 5 couples coming in so £700per couple,always fancied trying out how the other half lives.cheers.

  3. Ken Says:

    soon be back in sandles and flip-flops over here if the weather continues like it has been recently…. 84f on the balcony today.out for couple of amstel beers tonight so we’ll raise a glass to our good mates over in the wetland. take care pal.

  4. barnze Says:

    After a good rub my feet are feeling a lot better now.

    Mas.. You are the other half… Fishing from ya garden in the morning if the rain keeps up..Build an ark the end is nigh…

    A few months till flip flop time this end mate…More like flippers at the moment!

  5. farmer dave Says:

    think my 1st break away will be either end of march or sometime in july got loads of camping trips planned this year, want to go to berwick upon tweed again as it was brill lots of walks and pub also want to go to whitby again, and got a hol panned abroard but not sure where yet in 2nd week of march to lots to look forward to

  6. barnze Says:

    I like Whitby…Good fish n chips..Oh and fossils, Living and dead.

  7. Four Dinners Says:

    Isle of Wight is a brilliant place. Every where you look there’s a pub. Enjoy!

  8. Random Barnes Says:

    um nice read DAD
    intresting shit
    ive saved the link

  9. barnze Says:

    Pubs every where….MMmmmmmm

    Nice one Ricko……..Random shit indeed..

  10. cappy Says:

    bugger all the holiday talk! where you get those boots?
    and how much?

  11. cappy Says:

    and is barnze jr in training to be your stand in whilst away?

  12. barnze Says:

    @..Cappy.. Those are the magnum elite spiders…http://www.magnumboots.com/elitespider/ Got um half price at our local Millets

  13. cappy Says:

    ta nicely

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