Feeling depressed?

Well there i was doing my shopping and having shook my head at the state of the Co-Op’s Chantenay carrots (Soft & wrinkled) and moving on to the organic one’s muttering about how shit the store was a woman behind me said that today was” Blue Monday” so no wonder i was pissed off. Now i reckon today is ok so that just blows that bollocks out of the water so i told the woman that every day in the Co-Op is fucking depressing, Even more so if slow Sandra is manning a till!

All i got was a “tut tut” & off she went, Then to round off my trip i found an queue less till with the king of depressed shop workers manning it and after telling him that a new shop will make him unemployed i made my way home with the feeling of leaving a bit of joy in my wake.

Anyroad a nice bit of fish with Pommes Dauphine & Asparagus for dinner so i hope that’s goes well with Mrs B…Oh and another trip to the shops for some beer (I forgot it on the first trip) so it’s time to get out there again.

Have a good most depressing day of the year you lot!

7 Responses to “Feeling depressed?”

  1. Nick B. Says:

    I was thinking about going up the C0-0P but after reading this and it’s pissing down I really can’t be bothered. Methinks I’ll go raid the freezer.

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    Sainsburys / Tesco / Co-op. Same shop same shit.

    Rusks in Harlington are selling well cheap beer so they’re ok 😉

  3. cind Says:

    Well no wonder it took you a while with all that chattin’ to folk! Get in, get it n get the fuck out is the only way to shop – passin’ time of day with folks is a recipe for how to spend far too long in the overpriced, stockers of rarely fresh products food shops.
    I can’t believe you shop at the Co-op – yer must be minted – the robbin’ bastards they are (I bet yer came out with somethin’ yer didn’t mean to by n all) ;-}

  4. mas Says:

    Varney road coop shut it`s doors on Saturday,so i thought there would be some bargins,(wrong),a bottle of coke £1.65,got a bag o nuts for 25p tho.

  5. barnze Says:

    @ Nick…good things freezers.

    @ 4D..Cheap beer is good anyplace i reckon…

    @ Cind.. The Co-Op is used as a corner shop for us so i am prone to have a chat up there..as for coming out with summat i dint mean to buy…That’s Wilko’s..allus come out with something from there.

    @ Mas..I dint know Varney was closing down..Good news for me that is..maybe the death of um all eh?

  6. cappy Says:

    “Even more so if slow Sandra is manning a till!”

    this had me in stitches!
    does every supermarket in the world have one numpty called sandra? we do!
    she has a heart of gold, but a head of fluff! example;

    on being challenged about the way she spoke, a colleague said “it’s your diction”
    i said “no, it’s not, it’s her grammar”
    “whats tha on abart? mi gramma deed affoor a wo born”

    i swear to god!

  7. barnze Says:

    i reckon there folks everywhere who have to go by all the procedures as taught as if it is a robotic thing…..

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