Raining cats and cats

Another rainy day here in Hood Town.. And i have got to nip up the shops.ARSE..Don’t ya just hate having to leave a nice warm house to go out into the cold. Mind you one good thing about the rain is it keeps those fucking cats away..I stocked up on cat sized boulders yesterday so bring um on.

Got a bloke coming round on Monday to look at my PC so hopefully he will sort it out for me..If not i reckon it’s time i got a new one..

Anyroad i am off up the shops for inspiration…I shall be there a fucking long time…..

Have a good one and stay safe.

7 Responses to “Raining cats and cats”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    Best of luck to you mate, it’s hell out there…

  2. barnze Says:

    Hahahahaha..Ended up with a laugh so it was a good mission.

  3. John A Thomson Says:

    I’m sure I’ll have said this the last time your PC was playing up, but it is worth repeating…



  4. farmer dave Says:

    how much longer has the co fucking op got till its put out of its mesery not to long i hope iam thinking of getting a campaign going to get all the co ops closed wouldnt thatbe goo hey

  5. Four Dinners Says:

    saddest pic in a long while. Now if it’d been a politician face down in a puddle…

  6. cind Says:

    N here was me thinkin’ cats didn’t like water? ;-}

  7. barnze Says:

    @ JAT..For crying out loud I DON’T DO PORN! Well maybe Geri !!

    @ Dave..One down one to go up my end!

    @ 4D..I found the pic a few days back and was gunna post how well my pond was going but stuck it here insread..An MP floating would be good though.

    @ Cind..Cats love a dip..The moggies that visit my place often get a squirt of bleach..

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