Bright eyed n bushy tailed

During my shift last night i received a text from the lovely Mrs B telling me she had seen the fox again so on my break from the nights toil i rang her to see what had gone on, the fox came back and after a bit of a tour of the garden sat down for a while but as i had put my camera in my drawer she missed out on grabbing a shot at it, needless to say the camera is at the ready for tonight so i hope i can post a pic of our visitor later on in the week.

I love nature me and am well chuffed that we get a diverse mix of creatures coming into and living in our bit of Hood Town, Mind you i still hate cats…

Anyroad off to the factory for number two shift..a bit better than last night please fate.

Have a good one most of you, Stay safe out there.

2 Responses to “Bright eyed n bushy tailed”

  1. cind Says:

    Maybe Foxy will sort your cat problem out, I understand the two don’t mix very well.
    Me, I’m just a wildlife fan too – remind me to tell you the field mice story ;-}

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    Foxes with a big bush are not to be sniffed at….

    It takes ages to get the bloody hairs out of your nose!

    soz. pissed

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