You can get owt in Wilko’s!

Every time i go to Wilko’s i come out with something but a knife in the guts is something no one bargains for! It seems it’s a life n death thing now to nip up the shops for some wild bird seed……Mad world!!!!

Take care out there.

12 Responses to “You can get owt in Wilko’s!”

  1. mas Says:

    Madworld we live in mate,it used to be a bit of a shiner if you got caught up in any hassle,not anymore a blood transfusion if your lucky.Had a walk around anchor army supplies on meadow lane last week,i had my eye on a nice bullet proof vest and riot helmet.

  2. Stuart Says:

    That story is particularly shocking because of where it is and the time of day. It doesn’t get too much more central in Nottingham than Parliament Street. It used to be that these incidents would be out of town in certain suburbs but it seems like you can catch it just going out to buy a couple of bits and bobs in Wilko’s now.

    Why are the cops so impotent around here?

    Sickening. Hope the lady makes a full recovery.

  3. Nick B. Says:

    I think this is the pits. People should be able to work safely, this is a shop in Nottingham not the bloody front line in Afghanistan.

    It’s time Steve Green got more officers out there.

  4. farmer dave Says:

    if the stabbings and so on carry on like this normal everyday people will start to arm themselfs, if it got that bad i know i would arm myself no problem, a nice gun or 2 anyone gives me any gob or hassle just show them the gun if they dont take the hint i would then shoot them in the knee caps it wouldnt kill then out right but give them some pain

  5. Pinksy Says:

    Shit the bed!

  6. Four Dinners Says:

    Bloody hell Barnzie!! Is nowt sacred???

    Farmer Dave is right. I have a Royal Marine Commando bayonet in my bedside cabinet. If any burglar gets in I would use it without a moments hesitation (then put a carving knife in said burglars hand and claim self defence)

    WTF are the police????? Filling in parking tickets that’s where.

  7. cind Says:

    There y’are, ya see I told yers about them shops dint I eh, eh!!

  8. cappy Says:

    15 years old? what the fuck is this world coming to?
    mind, at least the shop worker will get a decent payout, which’ll make up for the shitty wages that wilko’s pay!

  9. John A Thomson Says:

    WTF! This is Wild West country behaviour.

    I can hear Barnze thinking, “….if only it had been the Co-Op!”

  10. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Yep nothing surprises me anymore… it’s sad, and you can’t go and enjoy anything for stupid nutters out there waiting to pounce.

    Sucks… Blows goats for real.

  11. Four Dinners Says:

    a bit quiet around Barnze Towers…you ok mate?

  12. barnze Says:

    PC probs again mate..Time to invest in a new un i reckon..Fucking thing is doing my nut in!

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