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Happy day’s.

February 29, 2008


I have just had a call from Cyberpower to say my new system will be here on monday..Bonus! I am well chuffed with that news i can tell ya.mind you i will have the task of mixing and matching my old system with young master B’s later in the week so i feel sure that we shall have fun with that.

Today i have been busy making us a ruby for dinner..It smell fantastic, though Mrs B is

taking the tasting a bit too far i reckon.

Young master B has had bad guts and the squitters the last few days and i thought i had

contracted it off him last night but i am ok today though i reckon the curry will shift owt

a bit dodgy out of my guts tonight. As my old dad used to say “All done bar the wiping”.

Anyroad i’m off for a game of online dommys.Have a good one you lot and take care.

Been out for a drink..Let’s piss off the neighbours!

February 28, 2008
I missed another episode of our local drunken street theatre last saturday..Makes a good read in the disturbance diary..Mind you not so good for the recovering Mrs B and the rest of the residents as it was 2:30 in the morning..What happened to respect?
We are gunna try n get some photos and an mp3 recording of the next episode.
My new PC is now at the quality control stage so not long now till it gets to me, Can’t be
quick enough i can tell ya.this system can’t post up on here too well.
Anyroad i’m off to shoot paint balls at cats in my garden!
Have a good one most of you.

Did the earth move for you?

February 27, 2008


The working week is done and not a bad one at that, With the added bonus of an earth quake last night to round it off..A good rattle we got at the factory with tools rattling off trollys and folks claiming a bomb had gone off, All in i reckon it was 10 seconds of fun..

A bit of noise here at barnze Towers this afternoon as the cavity wall blokes are

drilling holes all over the place..Infact it’s that disturbing i am off down for a brew.

more later when they have done the job!

Have a good one and take care.

The aye’s have it.

February 25, 2008

Not a bad working week so far though i was knocked back the other night  after ringing the lovely Mrs B to see if she was ok the get the reply ” i am fine as i have just finished painting the staicase…” yeah very funny..Take it easy and get some rest you doughnut!

Good to hear that the Nottingham eye is going to be in the suqare for a bit longer i

reckon it makes the place look good. mind you it ain’t any safer around here as some

old dear got robbed in a park the other day !! Get some fucking respect!

Anyroad time to get back to the factory..Have a good one and take care out there!

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a woman?

February 23, 2008

The lovely Mrs B is going crazy stuck at home all day even though we do get out for a bit of a walk she is still getting fed up…Perhaps a bit of basket weaving is in order eh?

 Back to the factory tonight for me after a good stint off, though i am looking froward to the next bunch of days off, it has been a bit odd being off together but not being able do do stuff or go places.. let’s hope recovery goes well eh?

The new PC can’t get here quick enough i can tell ya as i am getting well pissed off  with this system..Mind you i hate having to set systems up to opperating standards, All that mucking about just to get firewalls/antivirus,spyware shit in place is a ball ache!

Anyroad i’m off to get a shower n a shave in prep for my shift,Have a good one you lot

and take care out there.


Ain’t the interweb brill?

February 22, 2008

Morning dear reader and a grey old day it is here in Hood Town, My last day off today so i am doing nowt but chillin..Mind you i have got a stew bibbling away in the kitchen so i have done a bit eh?

As i am able to check on the Cyberpower website on the progress of my new PC i see

assembly is taking place i type..A good idea i reckon being able to see progress as it moves

on.. well looking forward to getting it as this bag of shit can’t even post on here without

fucking up…….

Anyroad i’m off to poke the stew then it’s up to the district nurse with the lovely Mrs B.

Have a good one and take care out there.

Wrong window.

February 20, 2008

How up their own arses can doctors receptionists get? Fuck me they are as ignorant as they come up at the Cornerstone up the road from me..I nipped in yesterday for a dressing for the lovely Mrs B and got a right load of self important shite from um .. A letter of complaint to go in i reckon..Shit customer service!!

Anyroad just a quick un today as i got shit to do so i’m off!

Have a good one and take care out there.

Made me smile.

February 19, 2008

 Cheers to Mal the Plod for this one..Nice find mate..Bowling night in the planning at the moment so i shall let you know when i get more info..Have a good one and be carefull out there!

As cold as a witches tit..

February 19, 2008
Kin aider it’s perrishing this morning, Mind you not as cold as it was yesterday at 6 in the morning stood at the bus stop with a bunch of other folks freezing our nads off waiting for an hour for the bus …Two missing off our run..acording to the woman i spoke to at NCTX the engines had froze…no shit sherlock.. They could have let us know eh!
 I recieved a stock letter today telling me how sorry the council were to here my busses never turned up..It’s about time they got off their fat arses and sorted out the busses..I bet they were bombarded with complaints yesterday….How hard is it to admit the drivers said fuck it, it’s too cold to go to work today?????
  Mrs B is making good progress on the way to recovery so all is well at Barnze Towers and now i am off for a few days so i can do a bit of pampering..I like to pamper!
Anyroad i am off to make the lovely Mrs B a brew before i nip up the shops for a bit of
snap. Just before i go hows this load of bollocks for justice???? Knives or Bins???
Barnze say’s ” Sort it out you twats!!!”

It’s all good in the hood.

February 16, 2008

Good news as the lovely Mrs B made good recovery and was allowed home a few hours after  her op. A bit sore but feeling ok about the whole thing..Cheers to all the staff at the BMI Hospital here in Hood Town for their top class service..You played a blinder!

Now all i have to do is see that Mrs B gets plenty of rest..Not hard to do if i tie  her feet up to stop her wandering about.. Also on the good news front i ordered my new PC today from Cybersystem..A custom jobby that took about an hour of juggling to get what i wanted but it looks the dogs so i am well chuffed.. now the waiting game as it is being built!!

A cold night last night as we woke to find the garden white over and the bird bath frozen


Anyroad i’m off to make a brew..Have a good one you lot & take care out there.

 Barnze Say’s “Take good care of the loved ones.”