Have you got the guts?

Apart from a few nut jobs to deal with the working week has gone by with no major hassle the lovely Mrs B is up at the hozzie at the weekend to have her gall bladder removed so i have a couple of days shifts off for the after care..I have been toldshe is getting a bell to ring for my assistance..I must get my hearing sorted out..
We hope the recovery goes well cuz as soon as she is back to full speed we shall be going on the Falconry weekend jaunt and we are both well looking forward to that!
Anyroad the day’s off are here again and i have a bit of biz to do finding someone to build
 my new pc for me,then i am gunna make a frankenstien system from my old one and young master B’s system so he can up grade from his duffer , I am well up for the messing about with them.. You never know i might just learn a bit of something.
Well i am off for a shower and an asprin as my man flu is still clinging on..
Have a good one you lot and take care out there.
Barnze say’s “You will be fine lovely”

2 Responses to “Have you got the guts?”

  1. cappy Says:

    heres wishing mrs b all the best!

  2. barnze Says:

    Nice one Cappy!

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