It smells like fish!!!!

A corker of a day today..still a bit cool but sunny so that makes me feel good..a nice bit of smoked haddock for dinner tonight so we should be farting well as we allus have mushy peas with it..

It is good to read that the Light nights promo in town is going well , I passed through

the square the other night and it looked brill what with the wheel and the lights in the

council house,Sadly i was without my camera!

Viva Nottsvegas!

It’s good to read some positive stuff after the shootings we had the other day..Mind you

don’t get too comfy cuz the nutters are still out there.

Anyroad i’m off for a chill in front of the tele..Have a good one.


5 Responses to “It smells like fish!!!!”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    I’m still not convinced by this big wheel malarky

  2. barnze Says:

    I reckon it ok..a lot better than the skateing rink..Mind you i don’t skate & charlie don’t surf!

  3. cappy Says:

    had a delivery to wait for yesterday.
    so spent most of the morning sat on my back step enjoying the suntrap that is my back yard.
    with a few bottles of beer.
    now thats living. and it helped me sleep.

    speaking of telly…you catch the pilot of “phoo action” the other night?
    it’s up on bbc iplayer.
    not as good as the comic book, but could be a grower! (if you like jamie hewlett’s stuff)

  4. Auntie Jaxxx Says:

    Glad you accepted my invite over at Bizarro 🙂 Just for ranting and letting it loose I guess. I needed a spot like that free of family and tender ears.

    Mushy peas are really fart catalysts??

    Nutters are everywhere, they’re outnumbering us… wait, I’m probably one of them.

  5. Four Dinners Says:

    Fish? Mushy peas? You n AJ openin’ a real northern chippy or some’at?

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