It takes gall.

Up early this morning as the lovely Mrs B had to get to the hospital for 7 and we had a cab booked for 6:30..Not nice having to leave her there i can tell ya but i had a call from her about half an hour ago telling me she was fine and visiting was 2 till 8 so i shall be nipping back in a bit..she say’s it is a bit sore but otherwise ok..Surgeons do a brill job eh?

 Just me n master B to cater for tonight so a trip up the chippy sounds good while Mrs B has ordered a chicken salad, just goes to show how different the private hospitals are eh? The rooms are like travellodge hotel rooms so no sharing and none of that pay per view tele (Fucking rip off that lark is) mind you they could have given us a twin room then i could have stayed the night! Still i get her home in the morning if all goes well then it’s plenty of r n r untill she is back up to speed..I have taken a couple of days ho;iday to see that all is well and with only two day shifts to do i shall be on call for the rest of the week.

Anyroad it’s time i was off up to visit lovely so i am gunna get going..Have a good on you lot and take care out there.

Barnze say’s “Thanks for taking care of lovely Mr Beckinham”


2 Responses to “It takes gall.”

  1. Stuart Says:

    Best wishes to Mrs. B in her recuperation mate. Hope the ‘Mrs. Mum’ routine goes well. You’ve started strongly with fish and chips (on a Friday).

  2. farmer dave Says:

    not had fish and chips for ages hope mrs b makes a quick recovery

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