The aye’s have it.

Not a bad working week so far though i was knocked back the other night  after ringing the lovely Mrs B to see if she was ok the get the reply ” i am fine as i have just finished painting the staicase…” yeah very funny..Take it easy and get some rest you doughnut!

Good to hear that the Nottingham eye is going to be in the suqare for a bit longer i

reckon it makes the place look good. mind you it ain’t any safer around here as some

old dear got robbed in a park the other day !! Get some fucking respect!

Anyroad time to get back to the factory..Have a good one and take care out there!

2 Responses to “The aye’s have it.”

  1. Auntie Jaxxx Says:

    Barnzy!! I put up a special “Foot Shot” for ya over at the Forrest… from our recording sessions on Saturday… Hope you get a “Kick” out of it… LOL

  2. barnze Says:

    Nice 1 AJ..I got a fet foot shots to up load but am anable to on this maching i am on at the moment..New system should be with me in a few days…

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