Bit windy of late.

The camera is ready for tonight episode of the neighbourhood street theater..Saturdays are the best for such performances so we are ready. Mind you with having to get up at 5 am for the start of my day shifts i ain’t looking forward to getting disturbed so let’s hope it’s all quiet eh?

Mrs B is getting better by the day now and we went for a bit of a walk today to blow away

the cobwebs,We fancied a walk into Ruddington park but it was still very windy and as we

would have been out in the open it would have been cold up there,Roll on the warmer


Anyroad it’s time for dinner (Steak n chips) so i’m off,I hope you lot have a good weekend

and drink in moderation..You would not want to be roudy ay 2 am eh?

Take care.


One Response to “Bit windy of late.”

  1. cappy Says:

    windy? i had to get the wife to take me to work!
    no way on earth was i gonna attempt to ride a scooter 12.5 miles in that!
    had a result though, no-one came for my fare on the train ride home, so the train/tram/taxi cost a grand total of £5.10

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