At last..

My new system is up and running and i am well chuffed with it,mind you now i am in the getting it set up to my requirements stage.Don’t ya just hate fucking about for hours patching and downloading stuff?

The system arrived on time and well packaged so another pat on the back for Cyberpower.. A shit hot system at a good price..i can recommend um if you are looking for a new set up.

The lovely Mrs b has been keeping busy whilst recouping by baking bickkys and cakes for the crew at the factory and well received they are unall..Yesterdays fruit cake went down a treat..Perhaps some cheese straws next week eh?

Any road i am back to installing my software and that so i’m off, Have a good one you lot and take care.

Barnze say’s “I’m well chuffed.”

3 Responses to “At last..”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Congrats on the new pc. Still gas powered further North yer know….

  2. farmer_dave Says:

    hey up hows england its hitting 90ish degress here in futervantura and the suns hot hot hot, good to hear mrs b is getting better and your having fun with your new system

  3. barnze Says:

    Remember dial up…..

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