Jonnys fitted and snug.

Well i reckon i am now sorted on this new system..All condoms fitted anti virus/spyware etc so i am up and running at full speed,It took ages to sort it but i got there.

The lovely Mrs B is on the mend now that her belly ain’t itchy all the time and the pain has gone she is ready for a day out..Bad news is the weather is shit so another few days till we get out, Perhaps a meal or a nice walk up at wollo park,It’s allus nice up there!

The clocks go forward at the end of the month so light nights are not far makes ya feel better i reckon having a bit more light of an evening. We still have the late summer hols to book and Mrs B is looking at the Algarve for an all inclusive deal..Anywhere that has sun and a nice beach will do me,mind you i do like to look at a bit of history so lob a bit of that in and i am well chuffed.

Anyroad time to nip up to our bustling market for some shopping and with a bit of luck a jerk chicken dumplin from the afro caribbean food wagon..

Have a good weekend you lot!

Barnze say’s “Tough shit Keith!”

3 Responses to “Jonnys fitted and snug.”

  1. farmer_dave Says:

    well the weather is great here, hot sun and nice blue skys cant beat it and jsut watched england rugby lose again sitting in the sun

  2. barnze Says:

    Enjoy the sun mate it’s shite here….

  3. Four Dinners Says:

    Sunny n breezy down south. Weather’s ok its the people who worry me

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