Another dodgy case.

Yet again another weird one as a kid is found after being missing for 24 days..yeah right???? Sounds a bit roapy too me that one,no news on that Madeleine girl for a bit..They did it i reckon!

Mind you talk about about this local mob who nicked an empty ATM..Twats or what?

Some things just make ya wonder!

My last day off today so a bit of outside catering is in order..A nice kebab and a few beers,not too many though as i got to get up at 5..I hate the day shifts! Mind you an early one on Thursday as i got a dentist appointment..I love the dentist me!

Anyroad i’m off..keep watching the news as i reckon something big is gunna come out about that missing child.

Have a good one and take care out there.

6 Responses to “Another dodgy case.”

  1. John A Thomson Says:

    Speaking of dodgy stories….

    Did you hear about the Nottingham guy who took a crap even although the drains were blocked in the street… plonker or what ?!?!? đŸ˜€

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    I don’t think Maddies parents did it. Even the Portugese plonkers would have sussed it by now if they did. I reckon they went on the piss and got unlucky. Truth to tell we left Jax as a kiddie a couple of times on hols – always took a ‘baby monitor’ and found a socket though – and checked back every 30 minutes in turn. Maybe not the ‘done thing’ but there’s a bit of ‘there but for the grace of’ etc for us in this cae.

    This latest one though. Jesus. If I was the kid I’d have legged it soon as I could walk!!!

  3. farmer dave Says:

    i wouldnt like to be a kid these days no way to much presure not only have you got to look out for the kiddie fiddlers but your own gang could turn on you or could even get stabbed for wearing the wrong trainers or t shirt you even get picked onthese days if you dont even have the right mobile phone,

    bring back the good old days when you could run abuot and do what you wanted,

  4. barnze Says:

    Nice 1 John..

    4D..I still reckon they did it..As for the latest one i reckon you are right..

    Dave..Gone are those days mate.

  5. John A Thomson Says:

    Now that the McCann’s lawyers are finished with the newspapers… they’ll be coming after all those bloggers! Watch your back.

  6. barnze Says:

    I have no opinion stays solid!

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