That’s me in the corner……

Well the Easter break went by here at Barnze without one egg being consumed..Honest we never bother with all that hype and rip off products..Mind you the true meaning of Easter is chocolate so we had a bag of chocky raisons between us..Nice!

A good news week at the factory as we get an early bath on our last shift as British Summer Time kicks in on Sunday morning..Yaaaa for Summer! We skip an hour so 1 am becomes 2 am, I like that idea but i reckon we should stay at that so we get light nights all the time A short shift is good for me i can tell ya.

The Golightly’s are bowling on the 6th of April so i shall be there although my bowling arm ain’t been used for a bit i reckon i shall be on form….It is getting harder to sort out these occasions as most of the team have been put on to different shifts now, big changes at my old factory nowadays,Some folks even lost their supervisory positions to allow the new browns noses in..Shame on you!

Anyroad i am off to get the Shepherds Pie sorted for the return of the lovely Mrs B. Have a good one you lot and watch yourselves on the roads eh?

3 Responses to “That’s me in the corner……”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    i didnt have a easter egg or chcolate this easter but when i got to work yesterday i shook the vending machine and a few bars of choc droped out, its a bit of pot luck what you get doing it like that but least its free hey

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    When I lay on me deathbed I can say “Whatever else happened me nose was never brown”.

    Didn’t put money in me bank but I can look in the mirror.

    I ate an entire easter egg myself. My daughter was not amused. Quite reasonably I suppose as it was hers.

    Good job she loves me eh?

    Sometime August I’m heading to Cappy. A beer or three on the way?

  3. barnze Says:

    Some firms build up an empire of shit nosed twats..i know from experience!!
    I also am happy with mirrors.

    Shake them vending robots ….

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