Midweek madness.

The street theatre kicked off last night, poor Mrs B did not get to sleep till well after 2am & i suppose it would have been worse for neighbours living closer to the epicentre of the music and door banging, The disturbance diary goes off to the council later today so that will make a good read for um on Monday.

I suppose with Summer just around the corner things are gunna get worse before it get’s better! Some folks just get fuelled up with too much ale and we all have to share in their domestic shit! Let’s hope they sober up and get a bit of spec init!

Plans still ongoing on the late Summer holiday venue so i am still in the dark on where we will be going..Crete was mentioned last night & i must say i do like the Greek people so any Greek isle will do me, The snap is good the wine is good but Greek music leaves me cold, a bit like bagpipe music does.. I hate bagpipes! Oh no!!!! What if the street theatre troupe start playing bagpipes??? That would force my hand hand i can tell ya!

Anyroad time for a shave n a shower in prep for tonight’s shift ..Have a good one you lot and let’s hope your neighbours let you sleep well eh?

Not much comfort for Mrs B but today i slept well!

3 Responses to “Midweek madness.”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    any word about your drain problem why it keeps blocking up, and for your ares twit neighbours aim a rocket launcher at there house and threten to set it off if theres any more shit form them sure you can get one from ebay

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    At least you don’t live within ear shot of The Old Pretenders Football Clubs Chief Executive (www.oldpretenders.co.uk) . We had our games evening at his place last night. The ‘Penny Up The Arse’ was a bit rowdy. Even worse, the ladies won!!! We’ll never hear the bloody end of it now.

  3. barnze Says:

    The drains are still free flowing so i reckon they have sorted out the problem further up the line,mind you i takes about 4 weeks to bung up from the last time we had um jetted !

    The penny up the arse sounds a bit painfull….Thank fuck for new pence eh?

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