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Cool wet grass…

April 30, 2008

Last nights shift at the factory was a proper bastard..Both me n Douggie had feet like failed fire walkers by the end of it..You can only do 150 % each when your a man down i say..Mind you the Guvnor stepped in and bailed us out so all was well in the end though my feet disagree.

Last shift tonight and i reckon we all are hoping for a steady one! And good news is that we all get to bugger off a bit earlier at the end of it!! I love shift change over!

The weekend off with the lovely Mrs B coming up so good times ahead though what we are doing or where we are going is a mystery to me at the moment but whatever happens i know we shall have a good time.

Time to get ready for the stint now so i am off.Have a good one and watch ya backs out there.An I.T fuck up could cost ya!

Dun da da daa dar

April 29, 2008

Half way through the working week and dispite being a man down we are getting the job done,A betlter of a sleep today as i woke up feeling good,what with the sunshine coming through a gap in the curtains just about ripping my eyes out …. Sad to say that owing to getting away late this morning i only just had time to bump lips with the lovely Mrs B before she had to dash off to the office, Sometimes it’s like that when ya work shifts!!!!

I borrowed the first series of the Avengers ( The Honor  Blackman years) off a mate the other week but after a few episodes i lost interest as for me they were crap..The Diana Rigg season next to i do like her.. Mind you i still have shit loads of top telly boxed sets to watch so no rush on catching up with those yet. Oh and bring on the Perdy episodes..I snogged her once…I reckon she wanted me badly but i knocked her back.

A body has been fished out of the Trent this week..I can only hope!

Anyroad time to get a shave n all that before getting back to the factory..Have a good one you lot and invest in a sonic cat fucker offer!

The night shift commeth.

April 27, 2008

Back to the factory tonight for the night shifts..i like the nights as the week flys by and it gives the lovely Mrs B time to watch all those progs she has stored up in the Sky box.. All that romance can’t be good for ya i reckon?

Anyroad time to get ready for work so i’m off.Have a good one & take care.

The bone of contention.

April 26, 2008


Look i won on points difference ok!

A nice day out with some good times at the bowling alley and a nice meal in town before a bit of DVD shopping..All in a belter of a day had by all.

I love the weekends off…

Have a good one.


Turkey on it’s way.

April 26, 2008

We are off bowling now and i feel confident that i am gunna win today, After we are out for a meal so a good day ahead. Mind you the day started well with sunshine and no cats so i presume the sonic gun is working,We did get the mangy black one look in this morning but it kept out!

It’s good to have Heros back on the teley and that Tin Man looks good unall though it don’t start till May.

Anyroad time i was off now that i have limbered up my bowling arm…Mrs B is in for a right pasting i can tell ya.

Have a good weekend you lot and Stay Safe.

A lovely day out.

April 24, 2008

We nipped up to Attenborough today & had a nice walk.mind you the weather went from hail & tain to glorious sunshine but we enjoyed the time we spent there and our feet were ready for a rest at the end of it i can tell ya. Loads to see up there and just by luck i spotted this little frog/toad before stepping on it.

The foot spa was out when we got home so all is well.

Just a quick one today as it’s dinner time..

Have a good one.


Well well would ya belive it?

April 23, 2008

It seems that the IT system that could not go wrong and cost me my job at the old factory and casting a shadow on my good name has gone wrong again ( Or should i say gone wrong for the first time)..It makes me smile to know that somewhere in the old place there will be a couple of red faces knowing they did me wrong..Yes i do bear a grudge as i recall the word ‘Malicious ” being mentioned during my tribunal..Mind you i feel sure that folks at the old place will be smiling to themselves as most of them knew i was Innocent of all charges…Hey ya never know i might even get a letter of apology before i even get time to set in motion a  claim  under Section 2 of the Defamation Act of 1966..Interesting times ahead!

As for the working week things have been up and down so i am well glad to see the back of this one. We are having a new fence fitted with some anti cat features and we now have a sonic cat repeller in the garden so we are hoping those mesures will keep out the flea ridden moggies..

Me n the Lovely Mrs B are off for some bowling during this period of time off and we are taking in a day out at Attenborough Nature Reserve so all is well for the relaxing time.

Anyroad it’s time for a bucket of tea and a fist full of fags so i am off..Have a good one you lot and remember every dog has his day eh?

Barnze say’s” Enjoy St George’s Day”.

Latin thought of the week.

April 18, 2008

Cicatrix manet !

Another dirty stinking cat..

April 18, 2008

I caught another cat crapping on my garden today & managed to hit it with a carrot.That’s the black one and the ginger one hit this week!!!! Time to fill the pond i reckon.

Back to the factory in the morning..I hate weekends at work..Mind you next month is weekends off so swings n roundabouts eh?

Some shit news as an 88 year old woman was attacked here in Hood Town..Some fuckers have no shame! I suppose if they get caught they will get a telling off..Too fucking soft nowadays!

Anyroad time to get the chops on the grill ready for the lovely Mrs B. Have a good weekend most of you & take care.



April 17, 2008

It was good to grab a few beers with the crew from the factory yesterday, and even better to have a few with the lovely Mrs B after.. Some nice Barnsley chops and a jacket spud last night, and Faggots n mash tonight!

The drains seem to be ok now though i don’t know if anyone has sorted um,we have not had any notification so i reckon it was done by a home owner, at least the stink has gone now!!

Oh and it’s good to see Heros back on the tele after a long break,well pissed off there ain’t a catch up programme though!

Take care out there.