It’s that stink again!

The sewers are backing up again..honest, One of the neighbours came round last night to tell us he had once again had a problem with the drains & this morning we got the stench back.. The neighbour has been on to Severn Trent but they say it ain’t their problem, Mind you they would say that after being nicked for fraud . There has to be a major fuck up somewhere down the line but Seven Trent don’t want to admit it is their fault.Customer service???? I’ve shit um!

It’s official…Lady Di is still dead, After spending over 10 million quid the news is out.She is fucking dead now let Di lie!

Oh and those McCann’s are back in the news..i reckon they did but my opinion ain’t worth a toss, Mind you Maddie was spotted in Tenerife last week so i might see Kate & Jerry by the pool in the summer eh? Cunts!

Anyroad i’m off up the shops for some veg so i’m off..Have a good one you lot.

Oh and keith…Here’s my card!

4 Responses to “It’s that stink again!”

  1. Four Finners Says:

    She isn’t dead at all. She’s working down my local chip shop with Elvis.

    Looks like that Shannon kid was part of a fake kidnap to get money. Bloody hell some people should be sterilised at birth eh?

  2. barnze Says:

    Some folks just take the piss eh? Why the fuck you would do that to your kids is beyond me..

  3. pinksy » Blog Archive » Di’s dead - a t-shirt for Barnze Says:

    […] One for Barnze… […]

  4. barnze Says:

    Brilliant..i want two of um!

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