Back to work.

Back to the factory tonight for the start of the night shifts,And another weekend at work, mind you next month is weekends off so it’s swings n roundabouts eh?

I read that another arrest has been made in this farce case, I hope they throw the book at them for acting such cunts!

The lovely Mrs B is out for a few bevvies with her colleagues tonight whilst i am grafting..Life can sometimes be a bastard eh?

No sign of the sewers going down as yet so another few days of that lousy stink in the garden.

Anyroad i’m off for a shower n that so you lot have a good weekend and stay safe

6 Responses to “Back to work.”

  1. Nick B. Says:

    Takes the media spotlight off the McCanns though, doesn’t it? 😉

  2. barnze Says:

    Not in my house,They done it i my mind & it looks like they are gunna get away with it!!

  3. John A Thomson Says:

    At the very least the McCann should be charged with leaving their kids alone… reckless! The leaked quote this week speaks volumes! Makes you wonder if they didn’t take extra measures to ensure the kiddies were well “asleep” before abandoning them for their night out on the tiles???

  4. cappy Says:

    everything i have to say on this matter can be found at

    as for the tapas two! guilty m’lud.

  5. Pinksy Says:

    here y’go…

  6. barnze Says:

    Beats a lullabuy, but a bit too deep eh?

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