Sleep indulgence…

Just done the stint of night shifts woke at two and staggered to the toilet,had one of those cart horse pisses and got back in bed for another three hours..How nice is sleep eh?

A bit of outside catering for tonights meal and a few well eurned beers i reckon. back to the factory tomorrow afternoon for a terms & conditions meeting with the MD (According to my mate Douggie MD = Manic Deppressive) then a few post bullshit beers with the crew over at the pub..My kind of Wednesday..

Anyroad the lovely Mrs B is on her way home so i am off now. have a good one you lot !

Oh and have a girating lady to see ya through the next posting….NICE!

2 Responses to “Sleep indulgence…”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    can’t beat a bit of outside catering my local takeaway seems to give me loads of extras well i have been going there for quite a few years now went in last nite asked for a donna keabab and the amount they put init was enough to feed a army

  2. barnze Says:

    We have loads of outletts around us so we flit about..Shaks is a good un though they shrunk the nan breads for their kebabs!!!

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