Dun da da daa dar

Half way through the working week and dispite being a man down we are getting the job done,A betlter of a sleep today as i woke up feeling good,what with the sunshine coming through a gap in the curtains just about ripping my eyes out …. Sad to say that owing to getting away late this morning i only just had time to bump lips with the lovely Mrs B before she had to dash off to the office, Sometimes it’s like that when ya work shifts!!!!

I borrowed the first series of the Avengers ( The Honor  Blackman years) off a mate the other week but after a few episodes i lost interest as for me they were crap..The Diana Rigg season next to watch.now i do like her.. Mind you i still have shit loads of top telly boxed sets to watch so no rush on catching up with those yet. Oh and bring on the Perdy episodes..I snogged her once…I reckon she wanted me badly but i knocked her back.

A body has been fished out of the Trent this week..I can only hope!

Anyroad time to get a shave n all that before getting back to the factory..Have a good one you lot and invest in a sonic cat fucker offer!

2 Responses to “Dun da da daa dar”

  1. Nick B. Says:

    I know what you mean about shift work mate. Wreaks havoc with the social life sometimes. Pity about Jo Lumley though, she would have looked good as Patsy with a fag on outside the Bingo!

  2. barnze Says:

    Weekend off now mate so the shifts pay off every now n then..have a good one.

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