Cool wet grass…

Last nights shift at the factory was a proper bastard..Both me n Douggie had feet like failed fire walkers by the end of it..You can only do 150 % each when your a man down i say..Mind you the Guvnor stepped in and bailed us out so all was well in the end though my feet disagree.

Last shift tonight and i reckon we all are hoping for a steady one! And good news is that we all get to bugger off a bit earlier at the end of it!! I love shift change over!

The weekend off with the lovely Mrs B coming up so good times ahead though what we are doing or where we are going is a mystery to me at the moment but whatever happens i know we shall have a good time.

Time to get ready for the stint now so i am off.Have a good one and watch ya backs out there.An I.T fuck up could cost ya!

2 Responses to “Cool wet grass…”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    ive had a bit of a hard week but i can tell yeh its not half gone quick, and looking forward to the long weekend might go to skeg for the day sunday if weathere is okay

  2. barnze Says:

    We were thinking of a day at Skeg but the weather looks shite..mind you today is looking good..Roll on Summer eh?

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