Off for a walk.

A nice day today so a bit of shopping then a steady walk up to Wilford along the banks of the River Trent, We might even grab a bite to eat at the Ferry if we fancy it..I always enjoy a walk in the Grove as it has been part of my life for so many years it always makes me feel good being amongst the trees down there.

Speaking of trees ours in the garden are looking good now that the leaves are opening up. in fact the whole garden looks brill apart from the bay trees as they are in blossom and the wasps are buzzing around um and every now n then one comes into the great hall and bothers Mrs B..Problem solved by moving the pots to the back door.

Anyroad it’s time to bugger off so you lot have a good weekend. We most of you, those who shafted me in the past can fuck off!       Keith will let you know who you are!

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