A falcon day out.

We have now set the date for our falconry day..So we are well looking forward to that ! been a long time coming but with the lovely Mrs B having her op & the recouping after, it’s got here..How good will it be to hunt with a falcon an your arm eh?

And the first holiday is not far away from that day out so loads of good times ahead!

I think i can smell the dinner cooking down stairs so i am off to see if there is owt i can pick at..Have a good one and stay safe.


5 Responses to “A falcon day out.”

  1. cappy Says:

    ah. the great mr dia bradley.

    kestrel for a knave. top book.
    and made a good film too.

  2. Aunt Jackie Says:

    Falcons are cool!

  3. Stuart Says:

    Loved ‘Kes’ and the original book which I read when at school. It set me off on a life-long admiration for hawks, absolutely love them.

    I was out walking near Lambley the other day and not only saw a sparrowhawk and kestrel but also a buzzard which seem to be coming into the area in increasing numbers.

    Enjoy your falcon day. The Peregrine Falcon is just about my favourite creature – amazing things!

  4. Manic Says:

    Love birds. All birds. Can’t beat one on yer arm. Not sure I’ve met one that’d like hunting though 😉

  5. barnze Says:

    20th is the day..well looking forward to it..

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