Well the weather has been brill over the last few days and the factory was boiling..Mind you the air con in the office had a service yesterday and we managen to get down to a cool 17 degrees so that was good and the boss brought us a slab of coke to chill for our afternoon break so all was well.

If this heat keeps up i reckon me n the lovely Mrs B will have a belting weekend! So many more options for a day out when the sun is shining..I fancy a bit of a walk around Wollo park, Perhaps grab a meal in the wheelhouse on the way out..Or a bit of a picnic up at the castle and a pint in the trip. Spoilt for choice i reckon.

Up late today after one too many ciders last night..I forgot just how much a hangover hurts..A few cups of tea soon put me right though!

Time for me to nip up the shops so i’m off, have a good weekend you lot and take care out there.


2 Responses to “Phewww!!!”

  1. Auntiejaxxx Fan of Barnze Says:

    “Slab Of Coke” is probably something far less harmful than I’m thinking in your neck of the woods right?? That brought me back to my ‘dark ages’ where I used to keep quite a ‘powdery nose’ but those days are long gone… I stick to semi-harmless chemicals these days hahahaha.

  2. barnze Says:

    Not quite that coke..Mind you it would have done the job i reckon.

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