Cabbages and kings.

Yesterday we recieved our copy of the Clifton Local News , Some interesting stuff in there this month.Take a look at the classy Chantelle’s coments on the Tram Debate.. Nice one Chantelle you are one of Cliftons diamonds.

I see that the supermarket take over of Sun Valley is back on the planning board again..Bring it on i say we need shops not bingo halls for unemployed dossers to hang out in.

Me n the lovely Mrs B are off up to the castle today for a relaxing day.I hear there is a market on in town so we may grab a bite to eat up there whilst we are about. And a pint in the trip will be nice unall.

Anyroad time for a showers then off into town..Have a good weekend most of you!

Oh and finaly someone offered me eight legs of venison for 70 that too deer?

9 Responses to “Cabbages and kings.”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    Nice work from Chantelle there. Still not sure that another Lidls or Aldi is adding a massive amount of choice to the existing likes of Heron or Farm Foods, but at least it should force the Co-op prices down….

  2. barnze Says:

    Owt will do for me mate.Just another food shop will be a bonus! We nipped into Aldi in town yesterday for some meats..Bargain price stuff unall.

  3. Auntiejaxxx Fan of Barnze Says:


  4. Skytower Says:

    I knew that joke sounded familiar!

  5. barnze Says:

    I love it!

  6. Nick B. Says:

    They’ve already knocked down the Esso Garage next to the Man ‘o Trent. Thats coming back with a Tesco Express. Should give ’em something to think about in the co-op. 😮

  7. cappy Says:

    classy young lass.
    reminds me of something jimmy carr once said…

    “whats the commenest bird in the uk?……..tracey!”

  8. barnze Says:


  9. barnze Says:

    The Tesco will poke it up the Co-Op but having a shop next door lets me smirk on the way past… It’s a smirking zone up there now!

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