That’s a blast!!!

Shots fired again yesterday here in Hood Town..Just when you thought it was safe eh?

Another corker of a day..i even found time to get in the back garden for some sun’s a beach eh?

i am getting into holiday mode at the moment as the falconry day is next week and the trip to Somerset not far away. Kind of lifts the spirits i reckon..we always have something to look forward to i reckon.

A bit of outside catering tonight as it’s too warm to cook. I fancy a large deep pan jobby with loads of chillies on it..MMmmmmmmm.

Back to the factory tomorow night and its Douggies last stint for a few weeks as he goes to get his knee fixed and is due to have about a month off work.. Get well soon mate.

Anyroad time to look at a few menus to suss the food out so i am off..Enjoy the sun those of you who have some and take care eh!


3 Responses to “That’s a blast!!!”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    i could just have large donna with chillie sauce and grated cheesse with cabage and mint sauce yum yum

  2. Manic Says:

    I know a girl called Donna who’s quite large. Not sure what she’d make of grating cheese over her mind you….

  3. barnze Says:

    A lovely girl but its a pita about the cabage eh?

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