Pub grub.

We have decided to go to a local boozer that has just started to do meals . Kind of odd realy that it has taken so long for our local pubs to catch on that folks want a meal with their pint. Mind you i have never been that impressed with those pub chain food outlets but we are giving it a go.

A bit of a grey day so no walking,Even though the sun breaks out every now n then i reckon it will rain so the local pub is just the ticket. On the room move front i am not best pleased with the strength of the wireless connection so i am gunna connect via a cable and as luck would have it we already have the cables in place in the attic so an easy job eh?

I reckon it’s time to move over from the PC now and let the Lovely Mrs B try to get past level 40 of Bubblez though she has been at it for months and the music pisses me off no end.

Have a good one and stay safe out there.

Barnze Say’s ” Nice one Dave” another one out of the old factory and into the new..A challenge ahead mate.



3 Responses to “Pub grub.”

  1. Manic Says:

    our nearest local does food. Licenced to sell salmonella I reckon.

  2. Nick B. Says:

    Can’t wait to read your review. What’s the beer like in there?

  3. barnze Says:

    They have done a good job of the reverb Nick..The ale is still good in there , Mind you it allus has been a good pint. The snap was as i expected good old pub chain food.Can’t grumble realy..Oh there were too many kids outsind as there folks got pissed in the smoking area.Apart from that not bad at all.

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