Like a bad penny.

Pissing down with rain today…Mind you i don’t feel like doing much as i had a drop too much beer last night and i am a bit fuzzy today.I got a smile off my site meter today though as the old factory dropped in four times today..Allus makes me grin when they pop in. They seem to be unable to keep away and since the IT fuck up that could not happen…. but did, it gives me a warm feeling knowing they know that i know..Is that a Slade song?

A stir fry on the menu tonight so only a bit of prepping to do and we are there. Speaking of food last nights meal at the pub was good.They have done a good job of the place i reckon and i will visit again when the fancy takes.

The street theater has been good lately as it seems to be the in thing to sware at the youngsters..No wonder they grow up with no respect!!!

Anyroad it’s time for a frag fest on Quake 4 so i am off, Have a good one and stay safe out there as the knife twats are on the prowl.

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2 Responses to “Like a bad penny.”

  1. Manic Says:

    “Little Does She Know” by The Kursaal Flyers is the song you’re thinking of I think…..

    ‘ang on…Slade did have some’at. “Look Wot U Done” that’s the one.

    Bit fuzzy mesel’ after last nights bowling and curry night. You wouldn’t want me on yer team mate. Most of the night in’t gutter.

    (What yer mean where I belong!) 😉

  2. barnze Says:

    Talk of bowling has got me thinking about the Go-lightlys..been a few weeks since we played.. Thats the song “Look wot u done”… Ya can allus pull the bumpers up..Improves my score no end that!

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