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Back again!

June 30, 2008

Back to the factory tonight..lets hope it’s a steady week eh?

That ferret was wandering around our garden again last night.i was watching The fifth element when the security lights came on and on looking out onto the patio i saw it nip under the shed..makes me wonder if it is still under there? I am not sure it will survive in the wild so i have put out some meat to see if it will come out. if it does i might get gloved up and try to catch it as i have found a local place that takes um in.

No sign of it today! i hope it is safe and well where ever it is.

Have a good one you lot !


Pop goes the weezle.

June 29, 2008

Here’s an odd one..The lovely Mrs B had just finished a bit of gardening and was sitting down with me in the great hall when she sad that a plastic bag had blown into the garden and was going out to get it when she said she thought it was a ferret..It was!!! How odd is that to have a ferret in your garden? I know they are not wild creature’s so someone is missing one.Anyroad i grabbed my camera and took a few shots of it.

Here it is at the back of our shed.A but damp as it was raining at the time but it was worth nipping out just to get a pic of it.

It was good to have it nip in though i reckon someone will be gutted that they have lost one.i lobbed a few prawns outand it snatched um up to eat. After about ten minutes of nipping in and out from under the shed it disappeared..Good fun while it lasted and i hope it made it back to it’s home though where that is is any ones guess.

Not the normal wildlife to visit our garden but good to see. What next?


Old damp pussy.

June 29, 2008

A good day out yesterday as i managed to bag myself a few shirts for the hols and we nipped into see one of Mrs Bs work collegues on the way which gave me the chance to handle her pussy..a 20 odd year old bag of bones with a manky face and a dribbling habit…been ages since i had a bit of old pussy on my lap..

Check out the drool…yuck!

Oh and i managed to get some guz gogs unall..three punnets of um..i do like a guz gog me.

Another stabbling here in Hood Town the victim must have given the attacker a funny’s the way of the world nowadays.

Have a good one.


In a spin.

June 27, 2008

Take a look at this and tell me you ain’t gunna give it a go..i know i am.


June 27, 2008

This made me smile..Posted on my old mate the jehad punk’s Site… Now i can see it works well but who the fuck thought of it and why? Still fair play it made me smile and that’s a good thing eh?

Have a good weekend..I will !

A full squad..A full week.

June 26, 2008

A good week at the factory..Dave the belt has slotted in like a custom built cog so all is well there.And we bumped into Dark n Dangerous yesterday so we caught up on the goss from the old place..Going down hill fast by what we heard..justice!

I reckon Dave will be ready for solo flight after next weeks night shifts and that ain’t bad cuz there is a lot of different practices to master but he has grasped it well and has fitted into our team quickly.

Them bastard cats are still invading so i have fitted a few more defences and i reckon i have got the garden cat proof now, perhaps i should post a warning sign? Mind you cats can’t read so i reckon a dead one in a noose might give um a clue.

My first weekend off for ages coming up and i am well looking forward to nipping into the Bell to look at the refurb,I might even have a pint while i am there. i have a bit of shopping to do and the Bell is allus part of any trip into Hood Town for me. I would have added a link to the Bells website but it has not been updated so nip over to Stuarts place for a bit of history about it..Nice one mate.

Anyroad i am off for a brew and a fag..Have a good one you lot and stay safe as even a kids party ain’t fun around here anymore! BASTARDS!


Don’t give up the day job!

June 21, 2008

Last nights meal in the Ferry was ok.Shame the veniso was not on the menu but the Chef’s dish of the day was good. sizzling steak & chilli..Mrs B went for the sea bass and we both enjoyed the meals..Mind you it did get a bit cold out in the courtyard but one of the staff put the heaters on so all was well!

A nice quiet one today..Well as quiet you can get with young master B strumming away at Guitar hero 3.. Mind you it is a laugh watching him perform..Twat! Not quite one of the pistols yet..

Anyroad i’m off for a bite to eat..have a good one and take care out there.

Ding Dong!

June 20, 2008

The Bell is open again after being closed for a few week to re-furbish, I ain’t been up there yet but i am well looking forward to a pint in there as it is one of my watering holes. From all accounts the place looks good. I shall give it a nudge on my next weekend off.

Their web site has not been updated yet so no pics of the work done but i am sure it will be sorted in the next few days.

Me n the lovely Mrs B are out for a meal down at the Ferry tonight and i do hope the Venison is on the menu,It has been a bit hit and miss in there of late but i do like the place and when the meals are on form they are brill! A couple of bottles of wine help the evening along so a good time ahead.

Anyroad time for a brew so I’m off, Have a good weekend you lot and spare a thought for us that’s gotta work it.

All four corners..

June 19, 2008

Good news this week as the demolition crew are ready to get into the Bingo Hall and re-fit as a food shop.. a dream come true for me and a few thousand other residents i can tell ya. We have been tied down to the Co-Op for far to long now and at last a place to get some quality food. i reckon a corner shop would have taken my patronage but a supermarket is a bonus.. I never had time for bingo what with work n that so no skin off my nose if Clifton loses a few slot machines..Mind you i do like a gamble on the lottery…Keep the dream alive!

Eyes down and look in!

I reckon i would like to be there for the last game…Better still to win would be a classic..



The boys are back in town.

June 16, 2008

Here we are again at the half way line and a good couple of shifts behind us..our gaffer is back after his weekend off tonight, and it was brill to have Douggie back on the shop floor (Still a bit swollen but the exercise is doing him good.) and he is glad to be back as he was going out of his crust sitting at home, mind you it did give him time to watch Roots,the boxed set he borrowed off me early last year!!! Thank fuck for that eh..i reckoned he had sold it…

On the art front, work is ongoing on our new piece and it looks to be ready for the 14th of July..I am still not sure about it but i reckon it has to be seen to be appreciated eh?

An artists impression of the new artwork..A bit like those artist impressions of trousers you get in the Sunday papers..not quite the real thing eh?

Anyroad it’s time for a brew before i set off for another shift..I hope your weekend went well dear reader.

Have a good one .