Ahhh sleep…Alarm!..Snooze..Alarm!..Snooze.

A bit of a lie in today, Well two in fact as i had to hit the snooze button twice before getting up. How good is sleep eh?

Today’s site meter readings tell me that the old factory are still visiting here on average four times a day..I still get the buzz of seeing them pop up. I hope I provide some entertainment back to them as they make me smile.

A good shift last night with minimum work coming in , Just what i needed as i was the only shop floor op in the factory , Sometimes you just get away with it eh? Mind you it was a bit tense at times but the shift came and went with no shit at all…Nice!  Message to Douggie…Get well soon mate cuz the swimming in shit is getting to be a bit of a bind.

The street theatre is still putting on it’s act , the swearing at children is on going but we have had a respite from the incessant thud of a football poundingagainst a wall for a few days…Oh and we have been short of late night banging and music for a few days unall , Though i reckon we have become attunedto it now so it becomes a part of everyday life! Shame the neighbourhood is going down hill though as i see another house up for sale just up the road from me..let’s hope we get some nice folks moving in eh? Asthree familys of ignorant folk in a small comunity like ours is three too many! Bring back those halcyon days!

Anyroad time for a shower and a bucket of tea. The lovely Mrs B is on her way home.

Have a good one most of you and take care out there cuz the stabbers are at it again !

Barnze Say’s ” Grudgesare healthy.”

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2 Responses to “Ahhh sleep…Alarm!..Snooze..Alarm!..Snooze.”

  1. Manic Says:

    Three kids were making a hell of a racket the other morning as I treid to kip after a nightshift. Not normal noise you understand. Ten year olds tops f’in and blindin at the tops of their voices.

    I opened the bedroom window and said “Quieten it down kids”
    They said “Fuck off”

    I went outside and they legged it.

    An hour or so later two older kids showed up and started yelling at my window – big brothers. I was forced to ‘share an understanding’ with them.

    It’s all gone quiet again now.

    Glad they didn’t have knives mind.

  2. barnze Says:

    Ya gotta be carefull nowadays mate.the young tell ya to fuck off and the bros stab ya..fact of life.. Take arms and join the revolution.

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