Open the vent…

I.T Faults that can never happen…Stein!

You wanna hang your head in shame you two bob, jumped up, default, twat..You ain’t fit to kiss my shit let alone any of those who work with you arses.I would have said work for you but you ain’t a gaffer you are the bloke who was there at the time the job was up for grabs.. The default !

Managers …..I have worked for some top class gaffers, who would have seen right through you, so you use the title loosely ,you out of your league cunt.. I remember you telling me that you had learned a lot from the other twat…I hope you learn well cuz he was a bigger twat than you at that time.

Wear the crown well..Avoid me if you see me cuz if i bump into you i will most certainly let you know of your failings and my thoughts on you calling me Malicious.. Shame on you! Ya two faced cunt!

Fuck you and those who kiss your arse. Die a slow lingering death.

Keep on popping in you twat..Maybe i will vent again eh? You should be reading this before lunch time according to the stats on my site meter..Two hits this morning so i am due one before lunch..enjoy your day..Mine is a good one.

Barnze Say’s ” Spleen vented…For now…. ”

Good to see you visited at 13;23 ….see ya about 16 ;30 eh?

Hahahahahahaha..another visit at 13:37..Hahahahahahaha..wanker!

And again at 14:21….. Get it down ya.

And again at 14:51..Then again at 15:23..time for one more hit before knock off eh?

One the best days for hits from you..8 so far……You Twat!!!

Yet another at 16:07…..

I still hate you.

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118 Responses to “Open the vent…”

  1. barnze Says:

  2. barnze Says:

  3. barnze Says:

  4. barnze Says:

  5. barnze Says:

  6. barnze Says:

  7. barnze Says:

  8. barnze Says:

  9. barnze Says:

  10. barnze Says:

    Over half an hour in three visits already today you twat…

  11. barnze Says:

    And another hit…

  12. barnze Says:

    Another 3 hits..You should get some fucking work done..Plotting the next victims stabbing!

  13. barnze Says:

    Just time for one more hit before you go home you sad cunt..

  14. barnze Says:

    You are proper obsessed with me aint ya? Having to read this load of shite 9 or 10 times a day.. Do you know that since you shafted me you have spent over 14 hours on here..Now that is some time wasted.. You sad sad cunt..

  15. barnze Says:

    10 visits today and still time for one last look..Go on you know ya want too!
    It must eat you up inside knowing you did the wrong can’t happen you said..well it happened again dint it?
    You must lose a lot of sleep knowing you are a bad man..A real bad man! Now you are hooked into coming here every day just to cop a load of bollocks from me..
    How can you hold your head high when everyone knows what you did eh? They all despise you for it you know? How does it feel being hated by those who put the work in eh? feels shit i bet!
    Every dog and all that!

  16. barnze Says:

    I hope i keep you amused… See ya in the morning around 8ish eh?

  17. barnze Says:

    3 already and plenty of your working day to go…

    Mind you will ya log on from home over the weekend?

  18. barnze Says:

    6 in total for today worked based hits..What will your boss think of you eh? wasting all that paid time..

  19. barnze Says:

    Hahahahahaha.. As predicted.

  20. barnze Says:

    2 hits early today…

  21. barnze Says:

    Coming up to half eleven..time for another look i reckon.

  22. barnze Says:

    11:32 visit as expected..Then another at 13:25..Should have another around 15:00 then one at close of play…

  23. barnze Says:

    Blimey..10 past nine and no visits yet..Don’t tell me you have stopped your habit?

  24. barnze Says:


  25. barnze Says:

    24 hits in the last 5 days..picking up a bit…

  26. barnze Says:

    An early start today…

  27. barnze Says:

    Seeing as it’s a good day for me today i will hate you a smidge less..But only for today you bastard.

  28. barnze Says:

    3 early hits today..can’t wait for the full hatred eh? Well after yesterdays mellowness i am back to despising you ya bastard..

  29. barnze Says:

    3 hits so far today…Pack up and get a life are supposed to be the boss..Word used loosly i must add!

  30. barnze Says:

    5 yesterday and 3 so far today..When will you get your life back?

  31. barnze Says:


  32. barnze Says:

    10 hits over my day shifts..slowing down.Mind you a bank hol so to be expected..back up this week eh?

  33. barnze Says:

    Well done on the restraint today..only one visit..good keep up the medication..

  34. barnze Says:

    An early hit today..

    Be seeing you!

  35. barnze Says:

    2 hits so far today..

  36. barnze Says:

    A nice 4 page visit this morning…

  37. barnze Says:

    Have a week off from the obsession..mind you pray for no internet access at my hotel…hahahahahahaha.

  38. barnze Says:

    I see you took my advise and had a week off..back now so keep nipping in as per.. TWAT!

  39. barnze Says:

  40. barnze Says:

    I wondered what that smell was…….

  41. barnze Says:

    [audio src="" /]

  42. barnze Says:

    Just time for one more hit i reckon.

    [audio src="" /]

  43. barnze Says:

    I feel like you have deserted me..mind you, you still pop in from home he..

  44. barnze Says:

    At last the end of a fucking long learning curve…

  45. barnze Says:

    Oh well back again….

  46. barnze Says:

    Like a bad penny..

  47. barnze Says:

    I was very restrained..I wasted to smash you,spit on you, piss on you..but i remained cool and collected..It Don’t stop me hating you with a passion.I despise every part of you. Die early ,in pain,screeming..You backstabbing low down bastard.

  48. barnze Says:

  49. barnze Says:

  50. barnze Says:

  51. barnze Says:

  52. barnze Says:

  53. barnze Says:

    I hear you had to lose the greese ball.took a bit of time but a long time ago i told ya about him.Remember? Afew more to go soon eh..Lets hope you are one of um.

  54. barnze Says:

  55. barnze Says:

    Another christmas gone..i hope it was your last one ya bastard..

  56. barnze Says:

    You still can’t let it lie can ya.i have got you well on the hook and will play you like a fiddle. WANKER!

  57. barnze Says:

    Nearly two years i have had you nipping in here,You knew i could do your job and take it from you so you and your mate stooped to the lowest point and set me up,then it came back to bite you, when the thing you said in court could not happen,HAPPENED..You should hang your head in shame,Everyone knows what you did. Never mind hanging your head..opt out.Go on kill yourself you piece of shit.

  58. barnze Says:

    I will never stop despising you!

  59. barnze Says:

    See you later eh?

  60. barnze Says:


  61. barnze Says:

    Some news coming up……..Laugh i nearly shit myself!

  62. barnze Says:


  63. barnze Says:


  64. barnze Says:

  65. barnze Says:

    Still dropping in ya twat…

  66. barnze Says:

    Fuck off and die.

  67. barnze Says:

    Odd how the hits from you have jumped over the last 7 days .Over 10 visits..Good that i am keeping you viewing,Mind you it’s not good practice to spend working time here,Twat!

  68. barnze Says:

    Two hits nice and early today.. you just can’t keep away can you eh? after all this time the shame still hang around your neck like a concrete block, Roll on November !

  69. barnze Says:

  70. barnze Says:

    I’m off on holiday again soon so you can have a week off from your obsession..mind you with wifi and my ipod touch i my still have a poke…better keep dropping in eh? you sad bastard!

  71. barnze Says:

    A nice 3 hits yesterday..and a viewing of the last picture posted..Hahaha!
    Over two years of guilt and still nipping in…Kill yourself.

  72. barnze Says:

    2 hits today and both early..Still time to feed that need!

  73. barnze Says:

    Just enough time to get to work and grab a brew before nipping in here eh? It has got to be time you let it lie now…Over two years now and you still keep on coming,You have a proper problem.Get a life!

  74. barnze Says:

    Only one hit yesterday just after 8.. Perhaps you have something else to take your time up now..Good lad! Jog on!

  75. barnze Says:

    Get some help… You need to move on.. Go towards the light!

  76. barnze Says:

    Sadly you will have to nip in whilst i am on holiday from now internet is a brill thing, Perhaps it’s time you found something else to waste your time on! Mind you i have been keeping records of your visits and you are slowing down,Come on lets get back to the 7/8 visits a day!

    I still hate you,dispise you and so do many others,And you know it!


  77. barnze Says:

    A two hitter yesterday looking for news eh! hahahahahahaha! Oh yes!
    A good smug week for me i can tell ya. A feel fucking good week!
    Life is top class and every now and then a little gem peeks out all shiney and bright that it brings a smile eh?

  78. barnze Says:

    Almost caught you live today,now that would have been fun. Loser!

  79. barnze Says:

  80. barnze Says:

    Back to a couple of visits a day again,You need to get it under control..

    Mind you i reckon you are here for the duration,No sign of you on the the other blog so i assume you aint found out about it yet.Good that no one has told you about it.

    The truth is all there.

    Rot in hell ya bastard!

  81. barnze Says:

    An early hit this morning….Good to see you back! Speaking of backs..Stabbed any lately?

  82. barnze Says:

    I see you almost made the full week off..welcome back eh!

  83. barnze Says:

    2 hits today, and an early start..Nice, off on mror hols soon so a week off eh. Mind you there is always WiFi eh. a bit scary leaving it to long incase ya miss owt.

    Have a crap life ya moron. I despise you!

  84. barnze Says:

    A couple of views before you went home yesterday..Come on get a grip it’s time you let it be don’t ya think.. Then again you don’t want to miss whats going on in my life eh..maybe i shall get a small tattoo dedicated to you eh..That would be nice seeing as you were the first to fire me, and on a made up charge..Shame on you!

  85. barnze Says:

    Another hit just as your shift ends..Drop in tomorrow..i would hate it if ya missed owt!

    Ya moron!

  86. barnze Says:

  87. barnze Says:


  88. barnze Says:

    Blimey no hits form your desk for a few days..Have you given you just had a few days off.See ya next week you loser.

  89. barnze Says:

    Slowing down on the visits nowadays..Whats wrong, don’t ya love me anymore?

  90. barnze Says:

  91. barnze Says:

    Can you hear the bells toll? Can you feel your job slipping away? I knew this was on the way. Lets hope you are out of work soon.

  92. barnze Says:

    A dream come true….One can only hope.

  93. barnze Says:

    Good to see a nice early pop in from you..Best keep scanning the post for jobs eh…..Nevermind this place..I see you aint found the other one yet..hours of reading there for you..A hint to find it..look up backstabbers! You will love it..Honest you will!

  94. barnze Says:

    I can hear a bell toll………

  95. barnze Says:

    9 visits in the last 9 days…Getting better but you still keep coming back…Get rid of the obession for reading this shit.

  96. barnze Says:

    Ha hahahahahahahahahaha!

  97. barnze Says:

    Someones a twat…..

  98. barnze Says:

    It always was a good song….
    (What they do!)
    (They smile in your face)
    All the time they want to take your place
    The back stabbers (back stabbers)
    (They smile in your face)
    All the time they want to take your place
    The back stabbers (back stabbers)

  99. barnze Says:

  100. barnze Says:

    Twice today you sad cunt.

  101. barnze Says:

    Do you think you will ever give up here? You need to get on the other one,more fun,names named,fingers pointed,shame put on you, Low life piece of shit you are as bad as Stien ya bag of wank.The last laugh is with me, me thinks.

  102. barnze Says:

    2 hits again today…….

  103. barnze Says:

    12 hits so far this month.. Shame you aint found the other one you would enjoy that one no end..Coming up for three years now and you still pop in on a daily basis…Nice to know i still grab your attention.Nothing here though, Dig deep and you will find what you are looking for. I see on face book you are still putting on weight…hahahahaha.

  104. barnze Says:

  105. barnze Says:

    So soon after crimbo.die ya bastard!

  106. barnze Says:

    TWAT!..That is all i have to say today!

  107. barnze Says:

    Still hammering this one..Not found the other yet? Pherhaps you need a bigger clue as i have been feeding the clues in on these comments since it started…bad boss…Hahahahahaha

  108. barnze Says:


  109. barnze Says:

    Not been in here for a while.Still aint found the other blog yet….You will love it..Die!!!

  110. twat Says:

    What a prick!!! You cant spell you thick twat!!!!

  111. barnze Says:

    Easy to find me..See ya there.

  112. barnze Says:

    Been ages…Still hate ya.

  113. barnze Says:


  114. barnze Says:


  115. barnze Says:

    Some days are just sent to make ya smile..Hope it hurts ya bastard….

  116. barnze Says:

    You are still in my grudge box ya piece of shit.

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