Do they turn into prince’s

I spotted a frog out in the garden today so that’s good news. I reckon they will use our scrape if all goes well. it would be good to get some spawn in there! The Great tits have been in and out all day so i reckon they are nesting close by though i can’t see the nest in the garden? It makes me wonder if our resident hedgehog has been eating the frogs cuz i ain’t seen many this year and that is odd cuz the next door neighbour has a pond?

I supose it all comes down to the food chain eh?

Anyroad i’m off to get the chicken in the oven..Have a good one and be careful you don’t kiss a toad!!!

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5 Responses to “Do they turn into prince’s”

  1. Auntie Jaxxx (a.k.a. "AJ") Says:

    I love Frogs!!! We have a problem sometimes I think, they say there is a shortage… and I love that they eat tons of pesky bugs, mosquitoes etc… but I always try to help conserve them if I can.

    Spiders Webs too… Even though I don’t want spiders touching me, I love and respect nature.

    Nature Rocks!

  2. Auntie Jaxxx (a.k.a. "AJ") Says:

    PS: I think I have kissed one too many toads in my time, and no they didn’t turn into princes… LOL!

  3. barnze Says:

    They do a good job of keeping the slugs and bugs down..Nature is the biz ain’t it!

  4. farmer dave Says:

    i saw a dead frog on out drive the other moring quite a biggun, and for the moggies iam still up for a paintball session

  5. barnze Says:

    I reckon a load must die by foul means..i nearly took one out with our wheely bin last year..

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