But fucking funny.


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9 Responses to “Mindless.”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    Now that is funny. Sorry, I’m gonna have to repost that!! Cheers

  2. John A Thomson Says:

    What it didn’t show was his mate kicking in the stone block that was trapping his leg… and the cycle continued!

  3. farmer dave Says:

    betthe chav wasnt expecting that hey hope he broke his foot

  4. barnze Says:

    @ J A T..nice one..a whole pack of um stacked up.

  5. Nick B. Says:

    Now ask him if he knows the meaning of the word gravity.

  6. Mal the Plod Says:

    Barnze, good to see Dave the Belt has escaped Backstabbing Towers, say hello to him from me. Been off air for 3 weeks now with fucking IT problems but back now and need a catch-up!
    Got a similar problem at Plod Hall to the old factory. Backs have to be watched constantly. will update by e-mail
    (after you’ve e-mailed me as my address book was wiped!)
    remember the old sayings “Never get your ambitions mixed up with your capabilities” And “what goes round comes round”.
    Some fuckers never learn and constantly try to bullshit a bullshitter!
    Mal The Plod has been upset!!

  7. barnze Says:

    @ Nick..Chav fencing quote of the week.. ” wot? Ya meen they parry “..

    @ Mal.. it’s a snake pit ! Dave will enjoy it mate..Mail on way!

  8. cappy Says:

    saw this, pissed myself, showed the wife, she didn’t laugh and proceeded to tell me how sick i was! for ten mimutes.

  9. barnze Says:

    How come wife’s not amused? A chav in pain is a good thing ain’t it?

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