Don’t give up the day job!

Last nights meal in the Ferry was ok.Shame the veniso was not on the menu but the Chef’s dish of the day was good. sizzling steak & chilli..Mrs B went for the sea bass and we both enjoyed the meals..Mind you it did get a bit cold out in the courtyard but one of the staff put the heaters on so all was well!

A nice quiet one today..Well as quiet you can get with young master B strumming away at Guitar hero 3.. Mind you it is a laugh watching him perform..Twat! Not quite one of the pistols yet..

Anyroad i’m off for a bite to eat..have a good one and take care out there.

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7 Responses to “Don’t give up the day job!”

  1. Nick B. Says:

    Not the dead one on the left I hope! Tell him to get saving cos GH4 is out!

    I’m sh1te at that game, I regularly get booed off Hit Me With Your Best Shot. I must have 2 left hands to go with my 2 left feet.

  2. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Having said that, Sid couldn’t play for shit, I reckon your son would be far better.

  3. Manic Says:

    you need to vid him having a go at Pretty Vacant. That I’d love to see. Chip off the old block eh? 😉

  4. Stuart Says:

    Is that The Ferry at Wilford B? Nice place, always found the service a bit ‘steady’ but always worth a visit.

  5. barnze Says:

    I never had a go so i dont know how i would perform..i would sooner have a frag fest..
    @ DHG Too true .Sid could not play but was made for the band i reckon.RIP.
    @ Stuart..That’s the one..Service is still a bit slow !

  6. CamieVog Says:

    Late on the comment for this post, but I know you’ll still see it!

    What gaming platform do you have?!? A Wii?!?! If so, tell your kid I’ll meet him on WFC and we can battle one another. I am always looking for new victims. 😉 Better yet, start practicing Barnze and you and I will have a go!

    Manic: The Sex Pistols song on GH3 is Anarchy in the UK, a “new” version mind you. I have yet to get 5 stars on it…

  7. barnze Says:

    He has an x box 390….not that it means much to me as i stick to the Pc…

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