A full squad..A full week.

A good week at the factory..Dave the belt has slotted in like a custom built cog so all is well there.And we bumped into Dark n Dangerous yesterday so we caught up on the goss from the old place..Going down hill fast by what we heard..justice!

I reckon Dave will be ready for solo flight after next weeks night shifts and that ain’t bad cuz there is a lot of different practices to master but he has grasped it well and has fitted into our team quickly.

Them bastard cats are still invading so i have fitted a few more defences and i reckon i have got the garden cat proof now, perhaps i should post a warning sign? Mind you cats can’t read so i reckon a dead one in a noose might give um a clue.

My first weekend off for ages coming up and i am well looking forward to nipping into the Bell to look at the refurb,I might even have a pint while i am there. i have a bit of shopping to do and the Bell is allus part of any trip into Hood Town for me. I would have added a link to the Bells website but it has not been updated so nip over to Stuarts place for a bit of history about it..Nice one mate.

Anyroad i am off for a brew and a fag..Have a good one you lot and stay safe as even a kids party ain’t fun around here anymore! BASTARDS!


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2 Responses to “A full squad..A full week.”

  1. Manic Says:

    Barnzie!!! The Mrs took a rare look around blogland and, being a cat lover, is well upset since I recommended you.

    It is your fault I will get no pussy tonight! 😉

    Mind you after scrolling around your blog she said, as I’m adopted, “You sure he isn’t some long lost brother or something?”

    I’m hoping it was meant as a compliment.

    To one of us anyroad 😉

  2. barnze Says:

    Sorry Bro..The picks i post ain’t taken by me they are found on the interweb..my hatred of cats stops at protecting my patio from shit..I aint’ a bad bloke Mrs Dinners honest..Give my bro a break Mrs dinners it ain’t his fault that i am a twat..

    Compliment accepted. By one of us i reckon.

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