Gone but not forgotten..

A bit more ferret news just in..This morning as the lovely Mrs B was getting ready for her day at the office she sat on the patio enjoying the early morning sunshine when out came the ferret. she lobbed a bit of meat to it and came up with the idea of leaving a trail of meat into the shed to lure it in..well it worked and in it popped to be locked in By Mrs B, A call to the RSPCA and this afternoon they came and took it away. drama over..now to rid ourselves of the bison grazing under the fuchsia! The ferret will be missed though, i kind of took a shine to it!


A steady shift last night though a bit of a bastard trying to sleep on such a warm day but i ain’t moaning cuz i like the sun.

Anyroad time i get sorted ready for the next shift..have a good one and stay safe out there.

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5 Responses to “Gone but not forgotten..”

  1. Aunt Jackie Says:

    AYUP!!! I left you a “foot in” shot direct from Beale Street Memphis on my WWC Post yesterday… “Raw Footage” just for you!

    Hope all is well!

  2. farmer dave Says:

    you could of adopted the ferret, been told they make nice pets have a good week mines been so so,

  3. barnze Says:

    Have a good un yourself Dave..

  4. barnze Says:

    Good to see “ayup on ya reply AJ..we will make a Hood Towner out of you i reckon.

  5. Manic Says:

    AJ must have northern in her family tree I reckon.

    FD’s right! Adopt it!!!

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