Back in a bit.

The last shift of the week and with a few moments of drama and a few laughs lobbed in not a bad one as yet…

Not much coming from me for the next few days as i am off on my jollys…i might post if i can be arsed but mostly i will be enjoying the company of the lovely Mrs B in Somerset..

Gives the folks at the old factory a break from the paranoia..or does it?????  WANKER!

Have a good week and take care.


2 Responses to “Back in a bit.”

  1. Manic Says:

    Have a good break old bean. Just got back from Spain. Sampled all the Spanish delicacies such as Fish and Chips, burgers, Chinese, Indian etc etc

    A bottle of vodka for the same price as one drink in a British pub.

    It’s fantasy land.

  2. barnze Says:

    Off to Tenerife in sept….Getting me some cheap ale and sun on my back.

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