Latin thought of the week.

Me cognoscis, ergo me amas


9 Responses to “Latin thought of the week.”

  1. Jinks Says:

    That is what I keep telling everyone…….

  2. Manic Says:

    I have a friend with a degree in Latin. He is odd. Still he buys a beer so what the hell.

    Might be in Nottingham having a bevvie with Farmer Dave in September. I’ll give yer a shout if I am and buy you a few mate.

  3. barnze Says:

    Sounds good to me mate..mind you it better not clash with my fun in the sun week..

  4. Pinksy Says:

    I asked one of the checkout “girls” if they knew who was taking them over today. She said no. Then I left, via the cigarette counter, where I counted 6 employees chatting.

  5. barnze Says:

    And they wonder why they ain’t performing eh? Slack bastards! Still no news..The suspence is brill i reckon..Could be Somerfield seeing as the Co-Op has just aquired um?

  6. Pinksy Says:

    Could be, but whatever, she said all their jobs are safe, so expect the same high level of service!

  7. barnze Says:

    Just to see the arse of the Co-Op booted is good enough for me.As for the staff..i hope the new gaffers soon suss out the deadwood and bugger um off.

  8. Nick B. Says:

    Had to call in there earlier for milk. After experiencing Wal-Mart and other stores in the US over the past couple of weeks it brought me down to earth with a bang.

  9. barnze Says:

    Welcom back to the real world Nick…still no news but i have heard from one of the staff that they will have jobs..Roll on.

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