Another poor mothers son.

When will it stop?

When will it stop?

Once again another stabbing here in Hood Town.another poor fucker with an extra belly button..And down there in the big smoke another life gone as the knife hits home again.. What the hell is going on eh? Gone are the days of a bit of a punch up if you had a bit of a barney with some one, mind you i reckon you just have to get contact with the wrong pair of eyes nowadays to risk losing your life! A shit time for us all.

Mind your selves out there!

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4 Responses to “Another poor mothers son.”

  1. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Wherever I go, I bring trouble…

  2. barnze Says:

    It’s gone global..Run for the hills.

  3. Auntie Jac Says:

    Yes, more stabbings… You know, round here in Memphis it was brought to my attention that we have pretty much secured ourselves a slot at #1 in violent crimes in our nation, and in the top 5 sweatiest city’s. I’m not joking. LOL

  4. barnze Says:

    Perhaps your stabbers smile as they plunge the knife in? Sweet!

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