Are you looking at my bird?

This morning must have been a bumper bug day in our garden as we were visited by a crowd of birds in a feeding frenzy, it is good to see the long tailed tits back again as they are becoming regular visitors here. We are noticing the numbers rising as less and less of those flea ridden moggies enter the garden so i am well chuffed about that. I hate cats!

Kind of a salad feel to today so i am off up the shops for a bunch of veggies and some crusty bread later, hey there might even be some news on the new retailer..Then again maybe not as i was talking to one of the staff up at the Co-Op the other day and was told that they (The staff) would be told next week..All this excitement is killing me.

Anyroad i’m off to watch the tits for a bit. Have a good one and take care out there.

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4 Responses to “Are you looking at my bird?”

  1. Auntie Jac Says:

    Salad is nice on hot days… it’s cool, and a nice cool glass of iced tea for me.

    Nice Tit!!! 🙂

  2. barnze Says:

    A shandy is nice with a salad i reckon..mind you an iced lemon tea is good for ya..

  3. Auntie Jac Says:

    I love the iced tea with lemon!! That’s it, I am going to make a big huge jug of it when I get home.

  4. barnze Says:

    Got a jug now..nice n cool…

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