Lashin it down.

It’s raining. Bombing down in fact, And i have to go out in it..ARSE..Oh and the public holiday next Monday ain’t for us here in England it’s a Scotish thing..And there’s me getting chuffed about it???

News today of a massive haul of drugs from just up the road from us in Ruddington.. That’s some moneys worth eh? Over 13 million quid!! They reckon they were turning over a million quid a month..Makes my wages look piss poor next to that..I wonder if there are any jobs in the drugs business?

Well there is a lull in the rain so i am gunna risk going out now..Have a good one most of you,The others can kiss my arse!

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5 Responses to “Lashin it down.”

  1. hurlingfrootmig Says:

    what a gyp! hope it stops. got the next two weeks off with the boy. sods law says rain all the time!

  2. Pinksy Says:

    I heard it was £30m!

    Anyway, they filmed my garage last, but the missus went out and told them it was the garage opposite! Still, my garage is famous now

  3. barnze Says:

    fame at last..shame you dint get some of the cash.

  4. farmer dave Says:

    i once worked at a printers where almost every one who worked there was on drugs and they guys and gals were crying out for some new supplies, me i knew where to get a shead load from could of even sold the whole lot in one afternoon, but me being me didnt bother cos my luck i’d be driving round with 3 grands of drugs in me car and a copper would most certanly pull me over could of made a packet if i had the guts

    and it was nice to see a bit of rain but didnt realy make the air any fresher

  5. barnze Says:

    Steer clear of never pays in the long are right about the muggy as fuck around here now!

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