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Chuffed to be here?

August 29, 2008

Hood Town has cropped up in the top ten most cheerful places… how true that is but how come we ain’t in the top five eh? i should have had a vote i reckon! mind you we would be happy eh our drugs culture is thriving despite another factory closing down. We are all too stoned to be misarable.

Oh and speaking of of our neighbours was burning some shite yesterday and made all my washing stink to fuck..cheers for the concideration…Again..these day there is no need to busn ya rubbish..recycle it’s the done thing…oh well back in the washing machine again eh? we had a lovely community a couple of years back and now it’s like living in a fucking war zone.

I am off up the shops for a gloat..Have a good one !

Back from shopping with more good news..according to my bod on the inside, Morrison’s are taking the bingo hall as well as the Co-Op..made my day that did..just when i thought it could not get any better…get in there!

Is that a tolling bell?

August 29, 2008

it’s good to see the back of that working week i can tell ya..not the normal stint of nays..more like a night shift what with the manic periods we delt with..Mind you as per normal we did the bizz to our normal top class standards..Well done team!

I have now got 22 days off to kick back,fly out,sunbathe,fly back,chill out n the rest that doing fuck all involves..Nice!

It is funny to watch the stock dwindle in the Co-Op day by day..and the news that the new owners Morrisons are looking for new supervisors tells me the behind the fag counter crew have at last been sussed out by management..good to see ya leave ladies..I reckon the staff that carried you for years will be glad to see the back of you.

Cheers for that one Nick…a gem.

Anyroad shit to do so i am off.Have a good one you lot.

Not long now.

August 26, 2008

We had a belting time up at the sands i can tell ya though the bar tab was a bit steep at well over a ton but we enjoyed every bit of it. We are going to return as soon as something up our street comes on..mind you the traveling was a bit of a ball ache but all in we enjoyed it.

Half way through the working week then off to the sun for a is brill eh.oh and a catch up with some good mates in October coming up and as i am off work the next day i can have a few jars unall..I love to shoot the breeze with old chums over a pint me.

Anyroad i’m off to chill as i have just finished my shift and it has been a bit of a bastard..

Have a good one and take care out there.

A pack of rats!

August 22, 2008

We are off for a night on the town tomorrow to see the Legends of Las Vegas at the  Sands in Gainsborough with an overnight stay in a romantic place..How lucky can one guy be?

The weekend is gunna be a good one, and from what the crew tell me the factory was a madhouse last week..a good one to miss i reckon. And double time for Monday as it’s a bank hol things are looking good !

As the building trade is taking a nose dive young master B has branched out into landscape gardening so we may find him a few jobs in our front garden as the lovely Mrs BA pack of rats. has ideas for a veggie patch..who knows?

No cooking for me tonight as we are having outside caterers in, good for me as Mrs Bs wheat intolerance is getting in the way of menus… Mind you a good meal is on the cards for tomorrow.

Anyroad i am off for a game of dommies..Have a good one and stay safe out there.

Armitage shanks..

August 21, 2008

Another poor victim of Hood Towns thuggery lies in a hospital bed today and another twat out on the street bragging his crimes.. what the fuck is wrong with folks today eh ?

And this daft twat is back in the news again..Bang him up ,Age is no excuse to be above the law.

What the fuck is wrong with folks nowadays eh? Seems to me that the whole of society is on it’s way down the toilet..A few twats have allus been about but now it looks like every street has one, we need a Robin Hood to put things right..Any takers?

Latin thought of the week.

August 20, 2008

Ut sementem feceris, ita metes !

Just the ticket.

August 19, 2008

Our flight tickets arrived this morning, bringing us one step closer to the beach.. On the bad new front that stinking black cat turned up in our garden again today..i don’t know how it made it through the razor wire but it weren’t too chuffed at having a golf ball lobbed at it’s arse! I would love to see it dangling from the wire one morning.

A nice night had last night with plenty of fizz to help us celebrate our special i feel a bit of a dull ache as an aftermath..ahh well it’s only once a year eh?

Off up the shops now for a gloat.. Only a few weeks till Mozzers takes over..

Have a good one and take care out there.

21 today..

August 18, 2008

What a day eh..Our 21st wedding anniversary and a bottle of fizz chilling in the fridge.21 years without a bad work spoken.yeah right but i must say it has been 21 wonderful years with so much behind us that i would not change a thing. i got lucky the day i met Mrs B and have enjoyed the ride..Reminds me of the Queen song “Don’t stop me now

Sometimes i hear folks say how unhappy they are in their relationships and it makes me feel lucky that i have found my soul hard to find so they say but i managed it.

If you have a loved one, take good care of um eh!

i am off to celebrate now..have a good one you lot.

Barnze say’s “Ain’t love grand?”

Going down.

August 16, 2008

At last the swelling is going down and the sympathy i received from AJ made things better so all is well..Mind you things are better for me now that i have a dentist who understands my and out with no chat,just do the job and let me get out of the place.

I still have no idea what it is about the dentist’s i don’t like but i do feel better about um nowadays..a bit of fear keeps you old workmate from my pit days once told me that respect & fear are brothers.. a very wise man was Buster, He taught me every thing there is to know about explosives,and having all my limbs still attached proves his advice was good.

Hood Town still has a few guns at hand as this twat gets off light..What happened to the minimum five years for possession huh? Takes the piss i reckon.

Anyroad i am off to frag some mutants on the PC not the streets..Mind you it’s an idea! .Have a good weekend you lot and stay safe out there.

I am not an animal.

August 14, 2008

Both me n the lovely Mrs B are on holiday from the daily grind of work..And we are gunna be heading off for a bit of countryside rest and relaxation..Ain’t it good when the world is ya oyster?

The pills are kicking in on my infection and the pain is a bit duller than it was yesterday so things are on the way up..Mind you both Mrs B & young master B have been taking the piss out of my swollen face and the pain makes it hard to take..They love me really..Well i think they do?? Elephant man indeed!!

I bumped into an old colleague from the old factory the other day,Not one that i would call a friend as i found him a bit stuck up his own arse at times and a bit of an arse kisser,but i did take the time to shake his had and voice my grievance against the old boss..i feel sure the message made it through..If not i still despise you!

Anyroad i am off to stick pins in my voodoo doll..Have a good one you lot and mind ya backs.

Barnze say’s “A bit of hatred is good for the soul.”