A mountain stream of freshness. yeah right!

We are drinking the top tap water in the country here in Hood Town acording to a recent survey..odd that seeing as we belch millions of gallons into the ground due to leaks! Mind you i have never paid for bottled water so no change there then..i do think tap water much like milk tasted better a few years back..or is that just me?

The start of four night shifts tonight and i am well up for it..i don;t mind the weekend work over the night shifts as the time zooms by and before you know it it the days off again..we tend to be busy so the shifts go by in a flash.And the next stint of night shifts i am off with an overnight-er in Gainsborough and a bit of lounge music lobbed in..Aint life brill?

Anyroad stuff to do and people to see today so i am off..Have a good weekend and take care.

Barnze say’s “Have the weekend off you obsessive twat” To my special friend!

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2 Responses to “A mountain stream of freshness. yeah right!”

  1. CamieVog Says:

    Our towns water supply is touted as top notch too. It is purified with some special osmosis state of the art something or other. The purification dept. just released a statement saying that recent water samples showed high levels of ibuprofen (motrin), two forms of estrogen (no wonder so many men need viagra) and anti seizure medication. Nice.

    As for the quality of milk, I agree with you about how much better it tasted years ago. Governments are huge fans of pasteurization, which while making the milk germ free, strips the good fats and flavor from the milk. There must be a farmer in your area that provides non pasteurized milk, try some if you can find it. If you do get some, shake the jug, since all the cream rises to the top.

  2. barnze Says:

    So the blokes your end get no headaches,moobs and rarely have fits..Makes me wonder what ours is like now…

    As for drinking milk i prefer jersey milk..darker in colour and with the fat still in it..Nice…

    Bring back the good old days,whenever they were?

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