last un. Cheers team.

What a shift last the gaffer was having a few glasses of wine with his young lady (On a well deserved break) i was charge.Ahh the power..Anyroad we were down two only two bods on the shop floor untill midnight when the work was backlogging. a bit of phoning around by me gets us an extra pair of hands..nice.. the team mopped up the backlog and had time for a cool drink and a fag in the gardens before knock off. Being the gaffer was ok but give me the hands on work anyday!

Dave the belt is off tonight,the gaffer is back after his weekend off leaving me n Douggie on the shop probs as we work well under pressure..mind you that’s not saying we will won’t be happy to see 7 am come around quick i can tell ya.

Time for me to get sorted for tonight’s shift so i am off ,Enjoy ya working week you lot. I gunna be doing bugger all for a few days.

Barnze say’s ” Cheers for dropping in Pete.” It made my day,


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