Fantastic news just in…

My insider has just leaked that morrisons will be taking the Co-Op on the 25th of September..Now that is great for me cuz they are my preferred retailer..Mind you the staff keep their jobs so i hope the hide behind the fag counter crew get a rocket up their arses…

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7 Responses to “Fantastic news just in…”

  1. farmer dave Says:

    i like morrisons mefelf shame the shitty co-op staff arnt getting the boot tho, as they have no idea one example at the tills theres either 1 staff and a large queue or 3 staff and no queue ah wel have a goodun and stay safe

  2. hurlingfrootmig Says:

    ooh…they’ll be in for a shock! just like the fuckwits at the (former) safeway that we took over nearly five years ago.
    by all accounts, from the moment they announced that morrisons had bought the store, and it was going to close (mosser’s have a store 1 mile up the road so couldn’t open it as such) the staff went onto a go slow and did sweet fa.
    we took over and it was like a rocket up thier collective arses!
    even now i still hear “fuckng tesco. wasn’t like this with safeway”
    my reply tends to be the same every time.
    “shut the fuck up you ungrateful cunt, we bought the building and didn’t have to keep anyone on, so just think how lucky you were that you still had jobs 4 weeks before christmas. and further, where the fuck are safeway now? if they were so fantastic, they wouldn’t have had to sell the store to morrisons. so shut the fuck up or leave!”
    tends to do it!
    the one thing i have learnt in 20 years though…..morrisons are bastards to work for. allegedly. (i’m not that dumb)

  3. Nick B. Says:

    It’s on this link in the Post.

  4. barnze Says:

    oh happy days…Death to the Co-Op..and backstabbibg bastards unall!

  5. Nick B. Says:

    Spotted this in Morrisons at Gamston this morning:

  6. Nick B. Says:

    Take 2 – I just spotted This in Morrisons at Gamston this morning.

  7. barnze Says:

    Nice one Nick..looks like they will be sorting out the crew who hide in the fag counter..bout time they got buggered off..Superstore? Well that’s to be seen.

    Not long now!

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